45 of the Trashiest Things Ever Posted on Facebook

These days, we are deep into the era of Facebook. Everybody and their mother has a profile and is using it to update their friends and acquaintances about every single event in their life–which inevitably gives the rest of us plenty of entertaining , Facebook statuses and super trashy posts to send around and laugh at. We all have that one Facebook friend whose profile is a constant trainwreck of too much information and bad life decisions.   

These are we used to work with, people we went to with, or even childhood friends. Whether it’s a from prison visitation, an argument over baby-daddies, or a picture of a brand new tattoo, these posts help us put our own lives in perspective.  Some of these are funny, some have a hint of sadness to them, and all of them are almost too crazy to believe. Who needs Maury in the age of the ? Sometimes the trashiest people are just a few friend requests away.


Not Again!

Only Slightly Used

Future Centaur Selfie

Starting Off Young

Windex That Mirror

Very Considerate

Like a Thief in the Night

My Ex Is My Stepdad

Smokin with My Baby

Everybody Needs a Plan

Pay Your Tab

That Is Hard to Believe

Silver Lining


Never Again

Get Your Straight

Free My Daddy

One for the Living Room


Labeled for Convenience

A Match Made in Court

Thai ? Must Be Serious

! Mom Is So Silly

Sounds Legit

Didn’t Last Long

Say Cheese

Perfect Trolling

Whooo Cares

3 for 3

Yep, Definitely Have Cancer

Not the Lottery

Don’t Leave Stuff at Her House

Postponing the

Epic Photoshop Skills

All-Caps Means

Right in the Booth

Chairish This Moment

Just Laugh, Mom

He’s the Hero This City Needs

Game Set Match

She’s 21 Years Old

First and Last Name

Still Lookin Good

A Cheap Tattoo Alternative

Black Is the New Orange


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