50 Hilarious and Infamous School Picture Day Photos

If everyone prepared for day at like the on this list, then every picture day picture, or mandatory-weird-angled-non-realistic-background-having school photo, would be . What if we could bring stuff like toy swords, horse masks, print t-shirts, wigs, and really whatever we wanted to picture day? The only people who are going to share them at this point are your via picture frames IN YOUR OWN HOUSE! 
So, why not take a ridiculous picture with a dumb shirt that makes you look like an a-hole? Or why not get the yearbook laughs instead of sticking to the unnecessary propriety prescribed to everyone on picture day? This isn’t the 50s, or LinkedIn. These are pictures that your peers will see and that you’ll look back on one day to remember how awkward you looked. Your adult self would be forever grateful to the kid you who turned in one of these kinds of school pictures.
I always tried to sneak in a crazy face during picture day. Not an insane face that would obviously be unprintable (because, in my day, all the pictures were physical and there was no “digital package”), but one that’d skate by just enough to get the I wanted. That way you could trade pictures with a cute girl, and they wouldn’t immediately throw it away during recess. 

From a time where this stuff mattered to parents a lot more, here are the best, school picture day pictures or yearbook photos ever taken of who wanted to be a little different, or who unassumingly messed up their picture by doing something accidentally, which is that much more hilarious. 
This Poor Kid

Call the Legal Department

Doubles As Her Card

Staring Contest. You and Me, Right Now.

American Eagle. He’s Wearing an American Eagle Shirt.

A Timeless Message

Cheshire Black Dude

Must Be a Very Liberal HS

Revenge of the Band Geeks

Lobbying to Change the School Mascot

And I Thought My Math Teacher Was Ugly

Spreading Truth One Quote at a Time

Overshadowed by the Mullet in the Next Box

Why Have the Authorities Not Been Alerted??

5 Bump Before It Was

But the Kid in Black Face Was Expelled

She Must Have Ditched a Lot of English Classes

Not Even a Text?

Award for Best Troll

Love, Your BFF

Well That Was a Gimme

The Department

Clearly He’s the President of the Club

I Must Have Missed That Speech

What Happened to Ben’s Picture?

An Oldie And A Goodie

No, That’s Totally How the Quote Goes

Absolutely Eloquent

So Does She Even Get to Retort?

Megan Is An Accidental Racist

Because This Is Not Hogwarts

He Talk Pretty One Day

The School Said No Burkas

Stone Cold

Before There Were Hipsters

It Was That or Lao Tzu

So That’s Why GPA Doesn’t Matter


Still Pissed His Partner Didn’t Show Up

FYC, a White Kid for Fat Albert’s Gang

It Was the Day the Victoria’s Secret Catalog Came Out

Inspired By Nature

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

They Rejected His Hitler Quote

Because He Gasses the Balls?

Makes Beautiful People Suits in Home Ec

The Hound Went to ?

That’s What Happens When You Have Photos After Lunch

Would You Send Dynamite?

Please Show Up Well Rested and Sober for Your Photos

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