50+ Times Vandalism Made Other Things Better

Vandalism is wrong. We certainly can’t condone itbroken windows, gang graffiti, or trashing property that isn’t yours is costly and a nuisance for those who are left to clean it up. However, vandalism doesn’t always have to be bad, and that’s exactly what these are out to prove. The instances of vandalism on this list are technically illegal, but what’s done is done, and there’s nothing left for us to do except for sit back and enjoy it with a good laugh. Some of the vandals’ work on this list is so good or creative that it’s become an iconic piece of street in their communities. 

Spray painted tags are boring, but adding a bumper sticker to, say, a STOP sign can be a fun way to liven up the neighborhood. (Don’t do that; it’s so obnoxious / .) This gallery includes of ways artists vandalized their surroundings, including well-thought-out and other installations made with everything from Sharpie markers to paper. The vandals and rapscallions on here have changed their canvasses for the better. Vote up your favorites, and don’t copy them. That would be wrong.
The Return of Bruce Lee!


Mario in Life

A Little To The Right… Perfect

Web of Cracks

That Skeley’s Grating on Me

Good vs. Evil

Being Stubborn About it

That Moment When Your Friend is Boxing Drunk

Don’t Feed the Turtle


Spit it Out Already

Attack of the Evil Stick Man

Man Down! Man Down!

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Street VCR

The Cutest Way To Cover Traffic Posts

Toilet Paper Placement

Hold Me Close, Dear

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Our Old Favorite Helper Back in Action

The Classic Bacon Dispenser

Shot Through the Heart

Yoda vs. Cop

Grand Yo-Yo Master

Smoking Street

Waiting For Your Stop Just Got Ten Times Better

Feed Me Seymour

Thieves Be Thievin’

Everybody Sells Out Eventually


Speaking the Obvious Here

This Toilet Paper Just Touched My Soul

Would You Like Ice Cube with That?

He’s Almost Got Everything On The List

Got His Eyes on the Prize

Does Size Matter?

Street Monster

Darth Grater

Commentary With a Can of Spray Paint

That’s Called Sarcasm

Automatic Anxiety Activator


Cooking Baby on the

I Like The Sentiment… Kinda

The Most Useful Software Update

The Truth, We’ll Never Know

If Only This Actually Worked…

I’ll Have One Burger, With Extra Money, Please


Art is What You Think of It

Banksy’s Evil Twin

Get It?

And Everything Mattress