59 People Who Texted The Wrong Number At The Wrong Time

We’ve all received various wrong number here and there, but these are the wrong text messages ever sent. Maybe a person who didn’t know they were given a fake number at a bar, or someone who honestly made a texting mistake, but sent a really embarrassing , or maybe even someone aggressively threatening you out of the blue, scaring the crap out of you and scarring you until they let you know that you’re not the person they originally meant to harass. Either way, there’s nothing not about a wrong-number text. Screencaps have come in from all walks of life to places like Reddit, Tumblr, 4Chan, and the like documenting the beauty of the wrong number accident text. The beauty of the mistaken number text lies in that it’s not a phone call. Previously, when someone dialed a wrong number, they knew it immediately when either they failed to recognize the voice of the person on the other end or when they decided, once and for all, that yes, this was definitely a stranger. And at that point, the interaction was over. Everyone knew when they’d made a mistake.

Well Done, the Troops!

Poor Guy (The Second One)

Figure It Out, Brian

Missed Opportunity

Buying A Car on Craigslist 101

Oh This Is Just Cold

Nic Cage Is Always Better Than Boobs

Jason Ain’t Comin to Holidays Now

Dani Likes to Get Down

Hot Grills

Lonely Dude, Must Party

Frank and Renee Need to Get Their Acts Together


Full Appreciation

The Boy Wonder Running a Best Buy

Bros in Arms

Everybody Hates Kennan

In the End, a Great Mom

T-Rex Raises His First Roof


Free Every Day. Forever.

The Standard

If It Has One S It’s a Dude’s Name

Until It’s Raw

That’s Just How Badly James Sucks

That’s Why This Kid Can’t Go to Concerts

Covering a Shift

This Poor, Inconsiderate Woman

Best 9th Birthday Ever

Hi *Bats Eyes*

The Obviously 2012 Message

A New Fan

Wouldn’t Want to Be Dwayne Right Now

The Three Most Short-fused Quartet Members


What a Nice Couple

If It’s Not MC This Guy Sounds Scary

That’s…That’s Not The Bra Pic I was Looking For, Bae

Dat Name

The Chest Proof


Hahaha The Dinosaur

That Poor, Reddit-less Woman

Pedro Needs Better and Probably Taste. Poor Pedro.

Pastor Paul Is Probably Actually Very Nice

Bad News, Bra Girl

An Unlucky Canadian Runs into Rashondilla

The Shotgun Approach

The Loudest Apartment in the World


Kassidy Will Never Play In This Town Again

Keepin It Natural


Better Than Words

Confused So Hard by Legumes

That Escalated Quickly

Answer the Question, Dude

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