60 + Everyday Objects That Look Really Happy

The perfect smiley face for a bad (or awesome) day! What could be nicer than finding a smiling face at the bottom of your coffee mug? How about living in a house that looks super excited to see you every time you come home? These super happy inanimate objects have got you covered. It’s literally impossible to be in a bad mood after perusing these photos of excited (if not totally ) face.

 When our eyes play tricks on us, we can see everything from sailboats in the clouds to Biblical figures in butt fur. This is a simple gallery of of everyday that look like they are happy. There are and seashells, furniture and electric equipment, planes and boats and sticks. Vote up the things (the cute pareidolia ) that look most pleased just to be nominated.

These Birds

This Orchid

This Sunset

This Sleepy Loaf

This Caterpillar

This Plane Waiting to Be Fixed

These Lighters

These Box Bros

This House

This Tree

This Drunk Heater

This View Finder Thing Who Loves Sharing His View with YOU


This Drunk Seatbelt Thing

This Overly Attached Valve

This Red Pepper

This Old Doorway

This Pringles Seal

This Excited Stick

This Hangar-On

This Adorable Cookie

This Board That Looks Like a Whale

This Leftover Coffee

These Recycling Bins

This Sexy Chair Who Wants You to Sit Dat Ass Down

This Shell Who Is on Mushrooms

This Ice Cream

This Bottle Opener

This Cheerio Who Doesn’t Know What’s Coming

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This Filthy Piece of Cardboard

This Pleased Twix

This Hydrant Thing (?)

This Mellow Mushroom

These Closet Rod Brackets

This Lawn Mower Lever

The Palace of Versailles

This Peeing Faucet

This Rusty Oil Drum

This Sidewalk

Colonel Corn

This Hungry Jack

This Sheet

These Things You Don’t Need to Take to Bed

This Surprised Teapot

This Light Fixture

These Booster Seats

This Sly Dude

This Swiss

This Idiot

These Convertible Bros

These Colander Holes

This Enthusiastic Steering Wheel

This Chill Seashell

This Friendly Suitcase

This Door Latch

These Bathroom Essentials

This Tar

These Holes Where a Coat Hook Used to Be

This Wire Casing

This Sexy Bird Poop

This Volcano

This Adorable Little Frame Holder

This Goofy Plane