"Accidental" Selfies and Texts That Somehow Happend

In the digital age, it’s probably no surprise that there remain a few among us who honestly still count on the “oops didn’t mean to” dodge after sharing embarrassing posts or . Among the most commonly “accidentally” posted items are “accidental ,” rejected date or sexytime invitations and/or of parts of the body that should just never be shared via electronic communication. Here you’ll see a few examples of exactly how stealthy the “just kidding” dodge appears to everyone, except the person sending it.  

We’ve scoured the Internet for some of the most unfortunate instances of the dodge ever captured. “But I can just claim it was an accident if she doesn’t like it, right?” you ask. “Wrong,” we boldly answer. Take a look at these totally, 100%, “accidnetal” texts, tweets, and posts, and be sure to upvote the most cringeworthy.

Those Awkward Moments When the Mistake Manson for Jesus

Sarah = 0, Karma = 1 Million

When Your Pocket “Accidentally” Makes Inappropriate Sexual Advances

Because Who Messes with Their Camera Without Their D*ck Out, Right?

The “Just Kidding, I Actually Meant to Call You a Bitch” Dodge

Touche, Post Commenter!

The Classic “My Shameless Attempts at Sex Were Totally a Test” Move Again

“I Don’t Always Take Photos at Random. But When I Do, It’s of Boobs.”

It’s All Fun and Games Till Ya Strike Out on the Boob Pic Request

The Good Ol’ Fashioned Accidental Facebook Proposal

Those Awkward Moments When Your Puppy Snaps Porn to Your Friends

The Classic “Just Keepin’ Ya on Your Toes” Routine

“You Didn’t Hear What I Said,” Not So Great for Written Conversations, Actually

“Oh, Sorry. I Was Just Texting Someone Else This Modest Money Shot.”

What’s the World Coming to When a Kardashian Won’t Cop to Shameless Selfies?

Reading What? The Air Slightly Above the Book She’s Holding?

When No One’s Up for a Rousing Chat with a Stranger About Their Latest Abortion

Suuuuure, Rita

Nothing Weeds Out the Bad Eggs Like a Big Orange Text Penis

When You’re Either a Liar or Oblivious That Your Pal’s a Lesbian

When Ur Trying to Think About Suicide and Your Camera Won’t Leave You Alone

The Only Thing More Emo Than Emo ? Claiming They Were an Accident

Accidental Photo = Perfect Excuse for Leaving No Angle UnSelfied

Some Are Between a Man and His Pampers

A Self Eye Exam Gone Terribly Wrong

When Your Camera “Accidentally” Snaps Just as You’re Adjusting Your Boobs

Sure, Blame Apple

When Your Gear Shift Just Can’t Get Enough of Your Chiseled Chin

When Your Phone Just Can’t Help but Document Your Sexy Stretch

When You “Accidentally” Send Not One, But Two Pics You Just Happen to Have of Your Penis

Damn You, Mysterious Taylor Hating Hackers! Damn You!

When Your Crazy Toddler Goes Randomly Goes all Annie Leibovitz

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