Android Vs. iPhone Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Or Get Incredibly Angry

The latest – and perhaps most heated – brand feud to enter public consciousness is Samsung versus Apple, humorously captured through Android versus iPhone . Android poke fun at their pixilated camera struggles and bootleg emojis, while Apple involve memes about Autocorrect and cracked screens.
For any phone user, these iPhone vs Android jokes provide a and accessible form of content. Unless of course you’re still running around with a Nokia, in which case your next and final call should be 911.

Let’s Face It

Welcome All

Get To Fixing

Say It Louder

Age Accessible


Attack Of The Phones

It’s Getting Animated

A Wealth Of Emotions

The Price Is Right

Oh Snap

Basic Evolution

Twirl On Them Imitators

GTA: Genuinely Terrible Attempt


Keep It Sweet

A Challenger Approaches

It’s Not Very Effective

All About That Interface

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