Hugo Magal

34 Awesome Literary Costume Ideas for Halloween

From your dusty shelves to your wardrobe, great literature should happen to you this Halloween. If books have taught us… Read More

2 days ago

12 Scary Halloween Symbols and Their Origins

  As Halloween approaches there's no shortage of decorations for sale, usually covered with Halloween symbols that we all recognize even if… Read More

3 weeks ago

20+ Weightlifters Who Look Like They're Taking a Massive Dump

The face people make when they lift weights is the exact same face people make when they’re having issues in the butt department. Yeah.… Read More

3 weeks ago

32 Wedding Photos Gone Wrong

  Convinced that wedding photos are boring? Think again! Here you’ll see some of the worst, weirdest, and just plain… Read More

1 month ago

33 Beautiful Celebrity Girls with Adorable Freckles

List of the hottest women with freckles, including actresses, models and musicians. These babes have that girl-next-door sun kissed look… Read More

1 month ago

The Best Spiderman Memes on the Internet

Looking for the best Spiderman memes on the web? (see what I did there?) Well look no further, because… Read More

1 month ago

Gay Celebrities Who Are Married to Same-Sex Partners

List of gay celebrities who are married to same-sex partners, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Gay marriage is now… Read More

1 month ago

Funny Snapchat Drawings That Put Your Art Skills to Shame

Do you sometimes feel like nothing very text-worthy ever happens in your life? Does your smart phone’s photo gallery look more… Read More

1 month ago

Fabulously Fat 16th Century Cats

As you’ll quickly see from perusing her masterpieces below, Zarathustra’s method is a revolutionary one. After gathering a collection of… Read More

1 month ago

How Pearl Harbor Is Taught in Japanese Schools

Have you ever wondered how the Pearl Harbor attacks are taught in Japan? What do Japanese students really learn about Pearl Harbor, anyway?… Read More

1 month ago

The Hottest Pamela Anderson Bikini Pictures

The hottest pictures of Pam Anderson in a bikini, swimsuit, or other swimwear. You probably know Pamela Anderson from her… Read More

1 month ago

20 Babes Who Can Totally Pull Off the Harley Quinn Look

Most geeks can spot Harley Quinn, one of the most recognizable characters in all of comics nerdom. The brilliant villain… Read More

1 month ago

The Absolute Hottest NASCAR Wives and Girlfriends

The hottest NASCAR wives and girlfriends are the gorgeous ladies who stand by while their men compete in NASCAR’s Sprint… Read More

1 month ago

The Untimely Deaths Of The 27 Club Could Have Rational, Astrological Explanations

Of all the world’s organizations and VIP areas, the 27 Club is one you really don’t want to be a… Read More

2 months ago

Fedor Makhnov Was Once The Tallest Man On The Planet (8 pics)

Fedor Andreevich Makhnov lived at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, and he was known as the tallest man in… Read More

2 months ago

The Hottest California Models of All Time

  A list of famous American models who are from California. As the most populated state in the country, no… Read More

2 months ago

30 Celebrities Who Secretly Do A Ton Of Charity Work

Despite their fame, wealth, and packed schedules, many benevolent celebrities like to pay it forward by helping others – without… Read More

2 months ago

The Best Vacation Spots In The Solar System

The solar system is a vast, amazing place. From our Goldilocks-zone planet of Earth we’ve been able to observe and… Read More

3 months ago

22 Roasts People Probably Regretted Asking For

Hi, Stay out of the kitchen if you can't handle the heat. Read More

5 months ago

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