Awesome '90s Valentine's Day Cards That'll Take You Back

Remember those awesome ’ Valentine’s Day parties back in elementary where everyone would lay aside their playground grievances, at least for a day, and enjoy exchanging Valentine’s Day cards? How much do you miss decorating your little paper sack with crayon-drawn hearts and a mountain of sparkly glitter, and then handing out your awesome Valentines, featuring your favorite characters? This Valentine’s Day, we’re getting nostalgic with a little blast from your Valentine’s Day past.  

That Awkward Moment When Simba Sends You a Photo of His Still Alive for V-Day

How Totally Tubular Are These Ninja Turtles Cards?

Who Couldn’t Use a Little More Lisa Frank in Their Lives?

Doug and Patti Mayonnaise Were the Hottest Thing Since Ketchup and Mustard

How Cute Was the Entire Cast of Tiny Toons?

These Jam Cards Are a Total Slam Dunk

With Love, Wacko, Yacko, and Dot.

Ever Wonder What Became of the Berenstain Bears?

A Little Roger Rabbit for Your Favorite Valen-toon

Remember Your Favorite Prehistoric Family from TGIF?

We Can Just Hear the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” Song Now…

Peace Out from the Popples!

Allow Clarissa to Explain This Whole Love Thing…

This Sailor Girl Will Love You to the Moon and Back

Who Didn’t Want to Be the Pink or Red Ranger When They Grew Up?

& Robin: the Ultimate Bromance

Thanks, !

Come on , Let’s Go Party

Keepin’ It with “Ahhhh! Real Monsters!”

Gotta Respect How They Even Included a Valentine for the Teacher!

Nothing Says Love Like a Carnivore on the Rampage

What Guy Could Resist the Charm of These X-Men Cards?

All the Ladies Loved Leo, Even Way Back When

Back When Justin Was Still Rocking Those Big Bleached Curls

Fun Valentine’s Times with the Treasure Trolls

How Mouth-Watering Are These Classic Cereal Cards?

You Had Us at Your Use of the Term “Rock n Rollers”

That Awkward Moment When You Realized Taylor Hanson Was Actually Not a Girl

Uh-oh, Aaron Carter’s Back in Town!

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