Be Honest: What Did You Say to Yourself When You Heard Kim K Was Robbed?

Who Travels with $10 Million in Jewelry?

Doesn’t She Have Personal Security?

Worse Have Happened to Better

This Was Definitely an Inside Job

Thank Goodness North and Saint West Weren’t There

T-Minus 10 Seconds Until the Next Kanye Meltdown

At Least Nobody Was Hurt

Why Was She Alone in a Mansion During Week?


How Do We Know This Wasn’t an Elaborate Plan to Get Kanye Out His Show at the Meadows?

This Is Going to Be an Episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians

This Never Would Have Happened to

Kim Is Now Officially More Gangster than Kanye

Don’t Look at Twitter. Don’t Look at Twitter. Don’t Look at Twitter.

At Least This Happened in Inspector Clouseau’s Jurisdiction

This Is a Legit Nightmare

Why Couldn’t It Have Been ?

Where Was When This Went Down?

Jewel Heists Are So Hot Right Now

Break the ? Don’t You Mean Breaking and Entering?

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