The 20 Best Celebrity Christmas Cards of All Time


cards always start out with the best of intentions, but they often end up being collateral Christmas damage for you and your family. As you’ll see from this collection of awkward Christmas cards, are not immune to this self-inflicted form of public ridicule. These are awkward celebrity turned into Christmas cards that celebrities actually made available to the general public. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and laugh at awkward Christmas cards.

Seth and James Are Naked and Not Ashamed with (2014)

Merry Preggo from Rupaul (2011)

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Christmas Card Is Unusual (2005)

Merry Kittymas from Mena Suvari (2013)

’s Christmas Dick Not in a Box (1999)

John Is the Mayer of Christmas Spirit (2012)

Hillary Duff’s Baby Bump Christmas (2014)

That Awkward Kelly Clarkson Moment with Santa (2013)

OJ Simpson Being a Christmas Turkey (1987)

Ron Jeremy Makes the Naughty List Again (2007)

Have Yourself a Miley Little Christmas (2013)

Joy Behar to the World (2010)

Stairway to the Kardashian Christmas (1989)

Britney Did it Again on Christmas (2005)

Fergie and Josh Duhamel’s Fergalicious Christmas Card (2011)

Spencer and Heidi Pratt with the Christmas Card from Hell (2014)

Keeping It Christmas Classy (2014)

Honey’s Christmas Card Boo Boo (2014)

Jersey Poor Christmas Card Decision (2013)

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