The Best And Punniest Puns Ever Snapchatted

Is there a more fitting style of for Snapchat than the pun? We think not. The pun is the perfect piece of laugh candy to compliment a photo that’s meant to be disposable and maybe a little bit risqué. As much as most make us roll our eyes and exhale a loud “UUUUUGH,” when we see a good pun, we know we can’t let it get away. are like chocolate chip cookies: everybody can make them, but they’re not all good. This is why we’ve trolled our way across the to curate this list of the puns and sent on Snapchat.
media has become the perfect place for silly that can be tossed out and forgotten about, so when we see something on the Internet that’s genuinely funny we feel like it has to be catalogued and shoved in your face. Why won’t you let us make you laugh? The puns and jokes on this list made us laugh like idiots when they popped up on our screens. We know it’s uncouth to screenshot snapchats, but you best believe our screenshot was strong for these puns. We’re pretty sure that you’ll agree that this list of the best Snapchat puns is the funniest you’ll see anywhere. Unless you have some underground Snapchat club you’re not telling us about (yet).

Haha, Very Funny Mom!

Not the Funniest, but Definitely the Cutest


We Thought Target Had Better Quality Control Than This

All That Mess for 10 Seconds of Fun

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No Soulja Boy?

Laugh Now, But That ’s Plotting His Revenge

His Eyes Never Stop Watching You

Kevin Bacon Sure Has Lost Weight

Are Now Buying Props for Snapchat Puns

GPOY: Skull Edition

A Tree Died for This Pun


The Worst Pic You Can Get


They’ll Never Need Viagra

The Most Exercise This Guy Gets in a Year

If Only She Put as Much Time Into Her Homework

Ugh, Band Geeks

Can You Hear Our Eyes Rolling?

Bet You Forgot About Ke$ha!

Should We Cover His Wall in Honey?

The Sender of This Snap Cried Themselves to Sleep

Back That A$$ Up

All That Book Learnin’ Finally Paid Off

Skip the Squiggles, We Get It

She Spent All Day Getting the Leaves Just Right

Wonder Why She Broke Up with Him?

We Bet You Say That to All the Boys