Bustiest Weather Girls From Around The World

This list includes some of the hottest weather girls of all time, such as Jackie Guerrido and Bri WInkler. Which of these women would make you watch the news? Vote for the hottest ones and downvote the women whose temperatures are only lukewarm.

           Cristina Blackwell
           Chita Johnson
           Bri Winkler
           Susana Almeida
           Yanet Garcia
           Jackie Guerrido
           Elita Loresca
           Evelyn Taft
           Marilu Kaufman
           Sabrina Fein
           Gabriella Grechi
           Maria Molina
           Jackie Johnson
           Megan Glaros
           Angie Gonzalez
          Jill Nicolini
           Julie Durda
           Noemi Gaal
            Behnaz Akhgar
           Beata Gubernat
           Irene Sans
           Shay Ryan

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