12 Scary Halloween Symbols and Their Origins

  As Halloween approaches there's no shortage of decorations for sale, usually covered with Halloween symbols that we all recognize even if… Read More

3 weeks ago

Who Is Banksy? These 8 Intriguing Theories Might Point To His Identity

Perhaps the most famous street artist in the world, the mysterious Banksy has managed to thus far elude the hunt for… Read More

1 month ago

The Least Credible Alien Sightings in History

Alien abduction and the lore around UFO sightings has become so prevalent in society that you can ask someone what… Read More

1 month ago

15 Famous Corporate Logos Then And Now

There are some corporate juggernauts whose names instantly evoke their logos. Starbucks. Coca-Cola. Google. You can picture them, right? But… Read More

1 month ago

46 Celebrities Who You Probably Never Noticed Have Wonky Eyes

List of Celebrities with Strabismus, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Strabismus is a condition that effects the alignment of… Read More

1 month ago

The Untimely Deaths Of The 27 Club Could Have Rational, Astrological Explanations

Of all the world’s organizations and VIP areas, the 27 Club is one you really don’t want to be a… Read More

2 months ago

23 Illuminati Eye Sightings in Pop Culture

List of Illuminati Eye sightings in pop culture. Celebrities, from Nicki Minaj, to Lil Wayne to Rihanna, are accused of… Read More

2 months ago

30 Celebrities Who Wear Hair Pieces

Not all famous men have a glorious head of hair! This list of celebrities who wear hair pieces is loosely… Read More

2 months ago

11 Celebrities Who Worked at Hooters

Celebrities Who Worked at Hooters, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Everyone has to start somewhere and several famous and… Read More

2 months ago

16 Famous People Who Probably Died as Virgins

This list of famous people who probably died as virgins is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous people… Read More

3 months ago

7 Celebrities Who Were Almost Never Born

Hard to believe, but there are many famous people who were almost never born. Based on their parents' decisions, these… Read More

9 months ago

Celebrities Who Went to Elementary School Together

Elementary school is a time to learn, grow, and make new friends. But for these future famous people, those years… Read More

10 months ago

18 Facts About the Dramatic Life of Anne Boleyn

Sure, you've heard tales of Anne Boleyn, the alluring woman who convinced King Henry VIII of England to give up… Read More

10 months ago

Celebrities And Their Russian Doppelgangers

If you're into conspiracy theories, this Russian doppelganger one will blow your mind. After years of intensive research, the Internet discovered tons of super… Read More

10 months ago

Ancient Aliens May Have Found Actual Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life

Over the years, the History Channel show Ancient Aliens has become the butt of a lot of jokes. Poor Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has been turned… Read More

10 months ago

7 Celebrities Whose Spouses Committed Suicide

Several famous musicians, actresses, and comedians have been married to someone who committed suicide. Some of these celebrity spouses struggled… Read More

10 months ago

7 Secret Rules That Govern The Magic Castle

Unbeknownst to most citizens, a secret society of magicians exists all around the world. Instead of plotting coups or world domination, they simply wish to… Read More

10 months ago

Interesting Vagina Facts You've Never Heard Before

Do you know what your vagina has in common with a glass of wine? How about what commonality it shares… Read More

10 months ago

25 Celebrities Whose Family Members Were Murdered

List of Celebrities Whose Family Members Were Murdered, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Thousands of people are murdered every year… Read More

10 months ago

Gorgeous Celebrity Women Who Are Also Geniuses

A list of the world's sexy lady geniuses, ranked by hotness. OK, maybe they're not all 'geniuses' by your fancy… Read More

11 months ago

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