28 Celebrities Who Have Insane Phobias

What are you afraid of? The dark? Failure? Death? Well, you’ll feel a hundred times better about yourself when you see some of the strange phobias that suffer from. Famous people might seem fearless on the red carpet, or even write songs about it (like Taylor Swift did), but in reality, they’re giant scardey with common, and even not so common fears, just like you. What’s Taylor Swift afraid of? Would you believe it’s just an innocent sea creature? Come, on Swiftie, the ocean is cool!
You probably had no idea most of these fears existed. For instance, did you know there’s staurophobia (fear of crosses), chionophobia (fear of snow), dishabiliophobia (fear of undressing in front of someone), gnosiophobia (fear of knowledge), or even lutraphobia (fear of otters)? Though these probably don’t jump to mind as top phobias not would they likely make a list of common phobias, they’re super and there might just be a famous Hollywood who suffers from them!

Christina Ricci Has a Fear of Indoor Plants
Ricci has “botanophobia” which is the fear of indoor houseplants. Ricci admitted to the New York Daily News that indoor houseplants disturb her, as do swimming pools (“natatiophobia”), and that touching a dirty houseplant is like torture.
Source: NY Daily News
Megan Fox Has a Fear of Paper
On an episode of The Tonight Show, Fox told host Jimmy Fallon that she hates and fears dry paper. The beauty confessed that when she reads scripts, she keeps a cup of water by her side, so that she can dip her fingers in before turning the page.
Source: Just Jared
Alfred Hitchcock Had a Fear of Eggs
He may be long gone, but Alfred Hitchcock was weird to his very last breath. The famous director was afraid of eggs (“ovophobia”) and once told a reporter “have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid?” Hitchcock preferred the sight of blood to egg!

Source: Telegraph
Oprah Winfrey Has a Fear of Gum
It’s weird, but it’s true. Oprah Winfrey has a fear of gum, aka “chiclephobia.” Winfrey attributes it to her grandmother’s habit  of lining up pieces of chewed gum in a cabinet. Winfrey has reportedly banned gum from the offices of Harpo Studios.
Source: Contact Music
Billy Bob Thornton Has a Fear of Antique Furniture
Billy Bob Thornton gets freaked out around antique furniture. Not just any antique furniture… but French antique furniture. Thornton has claimed that furniture in the era of Louis XIV freaks him out and suggests maybe he was beaten to death by an antique in a previous life. Thornton also suffers from fears of cayenne pepper, silver, and Komodo dragons.
Source: Independent
On The Tonight Show, Sedgwick’s husband Kevin Bacon revealed his wife’s fear of talking food. Bacon says she will leave the room if she sees any talking food on TV, especially those evil California Raisins. Bacon admitted that he even turned down an M & M commercial because his wife would never have approved!
Source: Huffington Post
Music icon Diddy confessed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that he has a huge fear of a “long second toe” (“podophobia”). The other guest of the night, Kate Beckinsale, then showed her toes to Diddy, and he freaked out. It’s just… weird.
Source: World Star Hip Hop
You’d think someone who looks like Pamela Anderson would have no problem looking at him or herself in a mirror, but apparently Anderson just can’t do it. The star admitted to the Daily Mail that she fears mirrors, a phobia also known as “eisotrophobia.” She also added “I don’t watch myself on TV.  If anything comes on, I make them turn it off or I leave the room.” Self-conscious much?
It’s called “lepidoterophobia,” and says she has it. The actress once said in an interview that butterflies give her anxiety. “There is something eerie about them. Something weird,” the actress reportedly said. Who the hell hates butterflies?
Source: IMDb
Apparently Hollywood superstar Matthew McConaughey suffers from “cleithrophobia” which is the fear of getting trapped in a revolving door. McConaughey once said in an interview “I don’t like revolving doors, and I really don’t like that blindspot when you’re driving and go into a tunnel.”  Well, nobody really likes the blindspot, do they?
According to multiple very official looking Angelfire fansites straight out of the ’90s, the former “NSyncer’s biggest fear is things that buzz.
In an interview, The  star Jennifer Lawrence admitted to a plethora of fears including death, family, and ghosts. Lawrence also claimed she has “arachnophobia,” the common fear of spiders. Not so weird, right? In the same interview, she admitted to being afraid of annoying people.
Source: The Mirror
Sure, she laughed at Matt Damon’s fear of snakes, but Scarlett Johansson has her own fear: birds. Known as “ornithophobia,” Johansson has said that there’s “something about wings and beaks and the flapping. I’m terrified of them.” She also added that her uncle has the same fear, so perhaps it’s genetic?
Source: Page Six
Apparently, President Roosevelt was a “triskaidekaphobic” which means he was terrified by the number 13. He was so scared of it, that he refused to travel on the 13th of the month, and he would never have 13 guests at a table. Fear of Friday the 13th is known as “paraskavedekatriaphobia.”
Source: NBC
Singer Adele has a case of “laridaphobia” which is a fear of a specific bird: seagulls. The singer confessed that she was attacked by one at a young age, and that the incident instilled a fear of the flying rats in her brain. She still has a scar from the mauling!
Source: Now Magazine
In a BBC documentary, soccer icon David Beckham admitted to suffering from “ranidaphobia,” also known as the fear of frogs. After the interview, Monty Python star Michael Palin called him a “wimp” in the press. Beckham has also admitted to suffering from a fear of disorders in the past.
Source: Daily Mail
A lot of actors suffer from “aquaphobia,” the fear of water. Will Smith, Carmen Electra, Snoop Dog, and lots of other celebrities have admitted to the fear, mostly because, like Mendes, they can not swim. But for some reason, that didn’t stop her from buying a huge house with a swimming pool she never uses back in 2011.
Source: USA Weekend
Everyone knows the image of Britney Spears with a snake wrapped around her neck, but if it had been a lizard, Spears would have run for the hills! “Herpetophobia” is the fear of large lizards, and it’s been reported that Spears can’t handle them… especially Komodo dragons (just like Billy Bob Thornton).
“Coulrophobia” is the fear of all clowns (not just evil clowns), and even though Johnny Depp has played some weird characters, playing a clown is not in his future. Depp has been quoted as saying “something about the painted face, the fake smile” is what makes him petrified of clowns. It was even reported that he banned his wife Amber Heard from watching American Story: Freak Show due to the clown in the cast.
Source: Dish Nation
Quite a strange fear for a girl who played a vampire slayer, right? Gellar suffers from “coimetrophobia,” the fear of cemeteries, as well as the fear of being buried alive. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Gellar admitted to being brought to tears when shooting in graveyards.
Source: Rolling Stone
She may be regarded as the greatest living actress today, but not even Meryl Streep is perfect. Streep has a paralyzing fear of helicopters, according to reports. Though it can’t really be pinpointed to a specific interview or incident, it’s all over the Internet that Streep just doesn’t do helicopters. That fear is called “corcoranophobia” by the way.
This is also one of the most well known phobias in the world, and Mandel is its spokesperson. Known as germaphobes, the real term is “mysophobia” which is the fear of germs, contamination, and dirt. Mandel notoriously will not shake hands with people, instead opting for the fist bump. Other famous germaphobes include Jerry Seinfeld, , and of course, Howard Hughes.
Source: Fox News
Kill Bill star Uma Thurman had to face her biggest fear when she was stuck in a coffin while filming the movie. Thurman is “claustrophobic” which means she’s afraid of confined spaces. While promoting the film, Thurman told the Daily Mail that Quentin Tarantino didn’t care about her claustrophobia and stuck her in a coffin, throwing dirt on top of it. She called it “just another day at the office.”
Source: Daily Mail
It’s true. Perry claims she has “nyctophobia,” the fear of darkness. In an interview in 2010, Perry admitted she has to sleep with the lights on because she thinks “a lot of evil things go on in the dark.”
Source: Digital Spy
Jennifer Love Hewitt has claimed to be afraid of elevators, which is actually one of the more common fears in society. She apparently will not go into an elevator if there are more than five people inside. Hewitt also is afraid of sharks, called “selachophobia.”
Source: Pop Crunch
During the filming of We Bought a Zoo actress Scarlett Johansson said her favorite moment was watching costar Matt Damon freak out when snakes were brought on set. Damon has admitted to the fear himself – also called “ophidiophobia” – and Johansson said he cried like a baby around the creatures.
Source: People Pets
This is one of the more common fears – “acrophobia” – the fear of heights. But it became so crippling for this star of The Hangover that he skipped a press event for the third film in the series, which took place at Morro da Urca near Sugarloaf mountain in Brazil. He called into the event instead of attending because of his overwhelming fear.
Source: EOnline
A ton of people have the fear of flying – Katherine Heigl, Whoopi Goldberg, Bette Midler – but Franklin’s was so strong, that it almost ruined her career. Franklin’s “aviophobia” forced her to turn down gigs across the world. She has suffered from the phobia for over 30 years, but is apparently trying to conquer it.
Source: Belfast Telegraph
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