Celebrities Who've Really Said "Do You Know Who I Am?"

Famous people who have said “do you know who I am” run the gamut from girl next door types (Reese Witherspoon) to verified dickheads (Alec Baldwin), but it’s always a treat when a plays the fame card. (It’s hard not to get a rush from hearing about a #blessed Hollywood golden child being brought down to Earth by an exhausted, no-f*cks-giving police officer at the tail end of his or her Monday morning graveyard shift.
Listed below you’ll find the Hollywood actors, actresses, musicians, and other celebrities who have actually said to a service worker or officer of the law “don’t you know who I am?!” and expected it to work.

Mile Cyrus hasn’t always been a tongue-wagging sex symbol, but she’s definitely aways had a problem holding her tongue. In 2009, she walked into a burger joint and balked when a cashier asked her name for her order. She said quote, “You don’t recognize me? I’m Miley Cyrus!”

In 2013, Reid threw a fit in a clothing store after they wouldn’t give her a discount even though she’s “famous.” She began to scream at the store’s employees and had to be escorted out of the store. To her credit, she apparently gets a discount at said store’s European locations.

Dina Lohan

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Leave it to the most delusional mother in Hollywood to throw a fit over not being recognized by a nightclub bouncer. Despite having daughters Lindsay and Ali in tow, she still felt the need to shout “Do you know who I am” when she was denied entry to a Hollywood nightclub. She capped off the already unsuccessful plea with: “You’re making a huge mistake. Huge!”
In 1987, the British philosopher Sir Alfred Jules Ayer came across a youngish Mike Tyson forcing himself upon a young Naomi Campbell and tried to break them apart. Tyson warned, “Do you know who the f*ck I am? I’m the Heavyweight Champion of the World!” Ayer replied: “And I am the former Wykeham Professor of Logic. We are both pre-eminent in our field; I suggest that we talk about this like rational men.” 
slipped out while they discuss the matter in a rational way.
The Hoff was in a huff when he was denied entry to a private bar at Wimbledon that was reserved for tennis only. Apparently he said, “All I want is a drink. Do you know who I am??”
This is probably the one and only example of the whole “do you know who I am” thing actually working.
In 2012, Rihanna was escorted out of a nightclub for jumping on a table, shattering its glass top. While being hauled away, she screamed, “Don’t you know who I am?” The people carrying her away then recognized her and carried her back inside after most likely swallowing their pride.
Rhymes played the famous card when he and his crew weren’t allowed to cut in line at a Miami burger joint in 2013. Apparently, one of his crew walked in and said, “Can you take our order first? We’re very important people.” When the request was declined, Rhymes began cursing and spewing homophobic slurs at the store’s employees.

Shia LaBeouf

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In 2014, LaBeouf was arrested during the intermission of a Broadway performance of  Cabaret after being disruptive during the show. While being ignominiously dragged away, he shouted, “Do you know who the f*ck I am?”
Everyone’s favorite Na’vi Blue Man was arrested in New York City in 2014 after attacking a paparazzo who got in his girlfriend’s face. Even though he had the right to remain silent, he did have one question for his arresting officers: “Have you seen the  Avatar?”
After being accosted by officers in New York City for riding his bike against traffic near Union Square, professional dickhead Alec Baldwin reportedly said, “F*ck this… This is horsesh*t… Don’t you know who I am?”
After throwing a bong out of her window in the spring of 2013, Bynes asked her arresting officers if they knew who she was. Maybe Bynes herself didn’t know and genuinely wanted an answer?
In 2002, the former Skid Row singer threatened to pull a gun on a New Jersey bartender who wouldn’t let him take his drink outside. According to nearby witnesses who subsequently had to restrain him, Bach asked them, “Don’t you know who I am?”
Faye Dunaway may have won an Oscar for Network, but she still can’t seem to get recognized, not even when throwing a fit at a Banana Republic. According to sources, Dunaway put her foot down when her plea for a card was declined and imperiously asked, “Don’t you know who I am?”
Who would have thought that someone like Margaret Cho would ever play the fame card? Apparently, she was accosted in 2013 for showing off her tats in a Korean spa based in of Los Angeles. ( are taboo in Korea.) When asked to cover up, she said, “Do you know who I am? I’m Margaret Cho!”


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