Celebrity Women You Won't Believe Are Under Five Feet Tall

These short women all have larger-than-life personas so it can come as a shock to see just how short they really are. Teeny tiny famous women like Veronica Lake and Lil’ Kim rock the screen and command attention but if you encountered them in person, you’d probably be looking down at the top of their heads. These  under five feet tall aren’t just short, they are really short.

In our quest to know everything about , it’s weirdly to find out exactly how tall they are. It isn’t always easy to know the true heights of short famous women; many insist on wearing towering heels and others frequently lie about their respective heights. But knowing their true statures can give us a better of what they are like in person. For all of you women out there who are under 5′ tall, these celebrities are just like you!

Lil’ Kim

Nicole Polizzi

Judy Garland

Kristin Chenoweth

Shawn Johnson

Linda Hunt

Zelda Rubinstein

Anita Baker

Veronica Lake

Gloria Swanson

Nell Carter

Charlene Tilton

Lucy DeVito

Simone Biles

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