30+Nativity Scenes That Are Way Funnier Than Normal Ones

is almost here, folks! You know what that means, right? Nativity scenes, manger scenes & baby Jesuses everywhere! You know the drill: pick a room in the house, clear a surface, set up the figures, throw in some hay, and BOOM you’re Christmas’d up.
Now, generally, will go with your standard issue Jesus, Joseph, and Mary with some wise men thrown in. But say you didn’t want to go with a standard manger scene. There are other options. Who says wasn’t there? Are there ? Can you prove Batman didn’t pop by? How about ? Show me proof that there weren’t raptors or T-Rex’s showing their dino-respect.
Here’s an idea: recreate the classic nativity scene with a little diversity by using whatever you have around the house. The beauty of all this is that you can be creative and customize your nativity set to serve whatever strikes your fancy!
These are the nativity scenes from across the inter webs, may they inspire your sacrilegious side this holiday season!

The Birth of Diabetes

Passion of the Lego Christ

Nativity in the Days of

The Most Delicious Looking Manger Scene on This List

Something Here Is Not Like the Others

Location, Location, Location

Mind = Blown

Born Today, I Was

Ugh, You Can’t Bring Batman Anywhere

A Purrfect Nativity Scene

Nativity has no room at the Airbnb

3/3 of Those Wise Men are Hammered


What is This Giant Beast!?!

D’awww, Lil’ Puppy Jesus!

The Birthing Process Got a Little Grizzly

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Bobs Big Boy, the Fourth Wise Man

Okay, Now They’re Reaching With These Universal Studios Monster Reboots

A Butter Nativity Set (Probably Don’t Turn On Your Heater)

Why Are You Wearing That Jesus Suit?

Aww Look at Baby Je– OH GOD HE’S EATING HIM

Who Cares if This is Accurate? No One Is Going to Remember This Scene Anyway

Looney Toons in 3…2…

I’m No Theologist, but I Think Jesus Had Arms

Mulder Was Right!

Mary, Our Kid is Going to Be a Blast

It’d Be Nice to Meat Jesus

. . . Get It?!

Hey, Budget Cuts Happen to the Best of Us

They Need S’more Christ

Jurassic World Looks

It All Went Down Exactly as Joseph Predicted It Would