36 Hilariously Passive-Aggressive College Dorm Room Signs

College signs in dorms are the perfect place to learn that everyone who is as equally selfish as you are won’t treat you like your did when you lived at home. Your flatmates, roommates, dormmates, RAs, and floormates aren’t your parents and don’t care about your anymore than you care about theirs. college signs adorn the halls as much as you would expect them to in a building full of looking out for themselves and slowly learning that common courtesy isn’t the norm as much as doing as much as you can get away with is. All these passive-aggressive college notes and even notes from teachers are what happen when you trap people, many of whom are even *shiver* single children, in a giant complex built out of inadequate carpeting and RULES. 
These are the best, most memorable, and college dorm signs the has to offer. From ones you’ve seen a million times to the passive aggressive notes you’ve missed throughout the years because you have a semblance of a life and need to pay attention at work occasionally. 
My favorites are the ones written by people who have very hard “rules” that cannot UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE VIOLATED. Some reasonable, some absolutely ridiculous, reading these should either give you a great idea about what you can’t do if you live in college, what to do if someone is messing with you in your dorms, or it should do what it did for me and just make you super happy that you’re an actual adult and not in college anymore. 
Now, some of you may have roommates like these, and some of the notes may serve as solutions for you. For those of you with that predicament, I hope that you will move somewhere better soon.
Stay strong, and try never to be “one of those people” who leaves horrible, threatening, spiteful, vengeful, or aggressive university notes on people’s walls. Even anonymously. You’re better than that. Which is why this list is so awesome. Enjoy. 
Revenge 102
English 101: Q Before U
The Tenets Of Common Courtesy (Communications 104)
Sociology 105B: Microwave Studies
Pure Unbridled Brutality 101
Drug Dealer Wanted Sign?
The Basics of Passive Aggression (Seminar)
Advanced Hunting: Mr. Miyagi Techniques
When a Joke Is More Important Than Solving the Problem!
The Fap Tax
Nursing 101: Checking on Naked Ashley
Intro to Housekeeping
The Math Major Wing
Intro to Creative Writing:
How Far Can YOU Go?
The Tenets of Barn Raising
It’s a Trap!
Fundamentals of Logic 101
Ethics 102: Taking Responsibility
Creative Writing 203: Intro to
Advanced Techniques 102
Intro to Passive Aggression
Ew That Means They Took Samples. Don’t F*ck with Scientists.
Advanced Creepery: Underwear Burglary Studies
I Always Hated It When Would Randomly Light Stuff on Fire
Lessons in Looking Out for Fellow Stoners
This Obviously 2012 Joke
Intermediate Acting Techniques
SERIOUSLY? Maybe They Should Hire Parents As RA’s.
Nautical Studies 101
Being the Worst Person Alive 101
Advanced Wizardry
Intro to Sticking It to Jeffrey
Settling Arguments 101: Knowing Your Fonts
Appreciation Seminar
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