The Most Confusing Pictures You'll See All Day

Here you’ll find confusing gravity photos that will turn your world upside down. These confusing pictures are designed to have a surrealist sort of feel that often look like something right out of a Salvador Dali’ painting. You’ll see street scenes turned on their heads, cityscapes that appear to be flipped sideways, and even mind-bending rooms that are almost guaranteed to make you dizzy.

This Man Who Doesn’t Have Time for Gravity

This Perplexing Pond Gazer

The World’s Most Confusing City Scape

Hang in There, Bro

This Mind-Blown Bruncher

Did You Trip or Are You Floating?

When a Gust of Wind Totally Kills Your Blow-Out Buzz

Eat Your Heart Out Spiderman

This Confounding Crouching Guy

Talk About Tunnel Vision

This Guy Who’s Takin’ it Back to His Roots

This Head Trip of a Living Room

This Street Scene That Isn’t What It Seems

These Befuddled Floating Couples

This Dude Who’s Holding Down the Great Wall of China like a Boss

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Hanging out by the Wire

This Mind Bending Brooder

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Those Mornings When You Swear That You’ll Never Tequila Again

Oh Deer.

This Confusing Conundrum of a Cyclist

These Dudes with a Gravity Dilemma

Save Yourself!

Every Man for Himself!

The World’s Most Disoriented Diver

This Vertical View of Venice

This Perplexing Display of Parkour Skills

Getting Street Cred the Only Way He Knows How

This Super Trippy Street Scene

These Hard-Hitting Helium Balloons

This Dude with a Unique Point of View