Creepy Ultrasound Pictures That'll Make You Never Want Kids

While the idea of may appeal to many ladies from the time they get their first Cabbage Patch doll, it takes a woman to actually go through the process and these scary ultrasound photos are here to prove it! Rest assured however that while some of these in utero creepers look a little funky at their current stage of development, we’ve packed the following collection with plenty of ultrasound pictures as well. Here you’ll see everything from 4d ultrasound photos of tots rocking out in the womb to funny ultrasound photos of fetuses impersonating some of your favorite .
So whether you’re out to give your significant other a good look at what pregnancy actually looks like or are out to check it out for yourself, these ultrasound baby pictures have got you covered. Who knows? They may even convince you that the whole ordeal could be a lot more fun, or at least funnier, than you thought!

Oh, Dear

Bring on the Meds Beause This Birth Is Gonna Be a Bumpy Ride


“Peekaboo, B*tchez!”

The Darkness Is Strong with This One

When You Start to Suspect Your Fetus Has Been Sneaking Into R-Rated

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Spawn = Nailing It

Apparently These Folks Are Expecting a Nice Healthy… Woodpecker?

Eat Your Heart Out, Jesus Toast!

“Hey, Mom!”

Right Side of Photo: The Most Impressive Ever

“Come at Me, Bro!”

This Little Dude Is Raising the Womb’s Roof

“You Want Me to Slide Out of Your What? Um, Think I’m Good in Here, Thanks.”

“Just Chillin’, Yo.”

“Rock Oooooon!”

This Little Rock Star Can’t Wait to Get the Party Started

“Master Has Given Dobby a Clothing. Dobby Is Now a Free Womb Elf.”

How You Know You’ve Played Too Much Nintendo While Pregnant

Living the Hippie Life, Even in the Womb

“Keep It Down Out There! Some of Us Are Trying to Sleep!”

“Hmmm, Lemme Think… No.”

When You So Hard Even Your Fetus Facepalms

“It’s Not a Pick!”

“Yes, Hello. This Is Baby…”

That Horrible Moment When Your Suspicions Are Confirmed

If Charlie Brown’s Mom Had Had an Ultrasound

A Cameo From Christ

When a Straightener Might Be the Most Significant Investment in Your Kid’s Future