Disturbing Face Swaps That'll Give You Nightmares Forever

Sure, you could spend the rest of the day looking at normal of . Buy why live in that bliss when you could enjoy (?) these epic face swap instead?! These disturbing face swaps may give you nightmares, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Recent Internet studies have (probably) shown that looking at crazy photos of face swaps is good for your – your heart rate is sure to skyrocket from all the laughing and/or screaming you’ll be doing. 

From who got swapped with their on-screen acting partners to regular Joe’s who switched faces with animals, objects, and , check out the face swaps we could find. Vote up the ones you find most terrifying!

Shaqtin’ a Face Swap

The Father of All Face Swaps

Worries for the Rest of Your Days

Yes We Can… But We Really Shouldn’t

You Are What You Eat

Bringing Home the Bacon

You Are Definitely Not the Father

The Nightmare Before Halloween

When Chucky Met Sally

When a Hulk Loves a Woman

To Boldly Go Where No Face Swap Has Gone Before

I Won’t Be There for You

How to Lose Your Woody in Less Than 10 Seconds

Horse Feed

Have You Seen the Muffin Man?

Shell Shock!

Half-Man vs. Overgrown Baby

We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together

Every Has Its Day

Literally Chickening Out

Chicken… Run!!!

May the Swaps Be Forever in Your Favor

Your Worst McNightmare

Meanwhile on Planet “Aww Hell Naw!”

You’re a Drag Queen, Harry

The Sad Truth About Inbreeding

The Truth Is Out There… And It’s Disturbing

Scientology Is a Hell of a Drug

We Officially Have 100 Problems

Daddy Says I’m the Pretties Girl in School

The Pug Life Chose Them

I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This

How to Drain Your Dragon

Gone Fishing… And Never Coming Back

Pim and Jam

Sorry About Your Dog Face, Bro

Meet the WTFockers

The Mustache Ride from Hell

Got Your Face?

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