Dogs Who Got Their Hair Done: Before and After

Though it may not be something that fur- give much thought, can actually change a whole lot more than you might think. You’ll understand when you check out this absolutely adorable group of that got their done. These dogs range from rescues whose makeovers changed their lives to pets that suddenly look ten years younger (and way cleaner).

You’ll meet little dudes who went in rocking dog hair styles like the “overly long wizard beard” or the “full body perm” and watch them transform into the classiest on the block. You’ll also see the incredible transformations of rescue dogs whose hair had suffered the harsh realities of life on the streets, and watch as their eyes and their true personalities are finally recovered from underneath all that fur.

So if your pooch is looking for ideas for a new ‘do, these adorable dog haircut are exactly what they’ll want for the next trim.

“Dude, How Much Did I Last Night?”

“I Told Weight Watchers I Was Just Extra Fluffy!”

“I Feel 10 Pounds Lighter!”

“The Veil Has Been Lifted!”

“Yeah, the Whole Dread Thing Went a Little Too Far.”

“Make Sure You Add a Bow. Chicks Dig Bows.”

“I’ve Always Said I Was a Diamond in the Rough.”


“Holy Crap. My Fur Is White?”

“From Rescue to Rock Star, B*tches!”

“Score! From Dumpster Diver to Adoptable Best Friend.”

“Told Ya I Clean Up Nice.”

“I’m Looking for Something a Little More Slimming…”

“I Can See! It’s a Miracle!”

“Notice Anything Different About Me Today?”

“Sorry, Bro. You’re Finally Gonna Have to Learn to Use a Dust Mop.”

“I Feel Like Half the Woman I Used to Be. Literally.”


‘I’d Like to Try Something That Brings Out a Little More Color.”

“Little Less Gandalf, Little More Gainfully Employable, Please.”

“Is It Cold in Here or Is It Just Me?”

“Ladies Love It When I Pimp the Polka Dot Look.”

“How ‘Lion King’ Am I Right Now?”

“One Sec… My Tiny Furs Are Still in Shock.”

“My Ear Bows Bring All the Boys to the Yard.”

“I Got a Haircut?”

“Make Me Look Like Boo’s Younger, More Attractive Brother.”

“We’re Here for the Dude and Special, Please.”

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