Dumb Facebook Posts from Idiots Who Can't Spell

Ah, ! These days the gift of has made it possible for pretty much everyone to have a voice in the online community, for better or for worse. Though sites like have made it easier than ever before to share your each and every opinion with followers around the globe, the following collection of misspellings and bad Facebook grammar are here to show you just how wrong such attempts can go.
Here you’ll find some of the most ridiculously funny Facebook statuses that demonstrate with stunning clarity that a little grammar can go a long way. So the next time you find yourself sitting in English class wondering how you’ll ever use those pesky little punctuation rules in the world, this will be a solid reminder to you that grammar is important.

Spring for the Extra Comma

Gonna Bet the Odds Are in the Favor of this Guy’s Prediction

Can’t Imagine Why this Pair wasn’t a Match Made in Heaven

There’s No Shame in Taking it Back to Basics

Let’s Hope the Finals Don’t Cover Anything Tricky like the Alphabet

We’re with the Random Captain Guy on This One

Where to Begin?

Never Underestimate the Importance of Punctuation

The More You Know, the Less You Fact Check

An Important Man

A Girl Has Needs

Take a Chance

The Essay Portion Isn’t Everything

You’re Not Alone.

Seriously Doubt That

I’ma Let You Finish, But…

Oprah’s Rerun Season Side Career Revealed

Indeed. Indeed He Did.

Looks like This Kid’s Wasn’t All That Rubbed Off

One Decision Down…

Speaking of the Lowest Forms of Communication

How Punctuation Can Make or Break a Good Sass Fest

Punctuation Leads to Incest

Spark Notes for Your Status Updates

Friends Don’t Let Friends and Status Update

Commercial? Who Knows

Burned by a

Favorite Quotes

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