The Most Flexible Cats of All Time

We’ve assembled an adorable collection of flexible cat , including cats in poses and cats sitting like crazy contortionists, all for your viewing pleasure. Looking for a few moves to spice up your yoga routine? Look no further than the natural born masters of the mat that you’re about to meet.
Or perhaps you’re looking for a sneaky new hiding place? You’re welcome to try the moves these cats flawlessly execute, although they may land you – a mere human – in the hospital. Instead, content yourself to stare jealously as they perform feats of flexibility that no human could ever dream of. Enjoy!

When Your Cat Starts Dropping Hints That You Forgot to Refill the Water Bowl
“I Am Cat Fish. Get It?” – Pun Kitty
Curly Kittens Take No Chances When It Comes to Dinner
Calico Kitty Is a Tiny Cupful of Class
Don’t Mind Me, Keep Doin’ What You’re Doin’
Ikea Kitty: Some Assembly Required
Super Stealth Kitty Is a Master of Blending Into Any Surrounding
Quadruple-Jointed Kitty Relaxes for a Nice Lunch
Stretch Armstrong Kitty Laughs in the Face of Gravity
Foldy Cat Is a Peek-a-Boo Pro
Flexy Kitty’s Toes Come in Handy When the Other Cat Snores
(Backwards) “C” Is for Cat!
“This Is the Best I’ve Got Before Coffee.”
“You Put Your Right Toes in, You Put Your… Hang on, ‘m a Little Confused.”
“Shhh. It’s a Surprise Party for My Good Pal, Fish.”
Brace Yourself, Olympics. Backbend Kitty Is Coming.
“Omg, Knock First!”
World’s Most Adorable Yoga Instructor
Epic Scarf Impression
Did Someone Order a Scoop of Adorable to Go?
Kung Fu Kitty Floats Like a Butterfly and Stings Like a Bee
Liquid Kitty Goes with the Flow
Rubbing Her Tail-Catching Skills in the ’s Face
Morning Stretches = Nailing It
Master of Disguise Kitty Claims There’s No One Here But Us Snowballs
Yoga Kitty Calls Her New Move “the Tripod”
Flexy Kitty Sits How He Wants
“Eat Your Heart Out, .”
Yoga Master Cat Laughs in the Face of Stiff Limbs
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