Fun Testicle Facts to Share with Your Friends

People have a strange relationship with testicles. Men have to live with them, and if you’re a woman who prefers the company of men, testicles are just these things that you have to reckon with. Hopefully this collection of fun (and sometimes strange) information about testicles can shed some light on the strangest body parts of them all. Testicles are easily some of the most confusing and annoying things on the . They’re always getting in the way when you want to sit down, and they turn a simple task like wearing tight jeans into a minefield. Despite all of their downsides, testicles have a lot of interesting information surrounding them. They don’t just help humans make babies, they can also be used in , and depending on the size they control the loudness of your scream. If those morsels gave you an appetite for fun testicle facts, you’re going to want to keep reading. 
This list doesn’t just delve into the normal information about your junk. Everyone knows that your testes have to be kept a certain temperature if you want to have kids, but do you know which animal has the biggest set of cajones in the animal kingdom? The answer is seriously mind blowing. Do you know which world leaders only had one testicle? There are more than you think. The testicle facts collected here are sure to make you the life of the party, as long as it’s a party where people are cool with you spouting off fun testicle facts!

The Left Testicle Hangs Lower Than the Right One Does

Okay so we (“we” being guys and gals who are up on their testicle knowledge) all kind of know about the left testicle hanging lower than the right, but do you know why? Like any good mystery, you have to follow the money look to to explain the strange occurrence. It turns out that the low hanging testicle is nature’s method of temperature regulation.

Your High Boyfriend Wasn’t Lying About Blue Balls

As much as it sounds like the sorriest excuse for having some form of sexual exchange, blue balls is a thing. The basic science behind blue balls is the build up of pressure from blood flowing to a man’s penis. And yes, the whole process can turn your testicles a darker color than their normal shade.

The Biggest Testicles on Were HUGE

When someone says they’ve got a huge pair of balls, they don’t even know how far they are from the truth. Wesley Warren suffered from a severe case of scrotal lymphoma that made his testicles balloon up thanks to a mass of 132.5 pounds. The mass was removed in 2013, but Wesley died a year later from a heart attack.

They Get Bigger During

You’ve probably never noticed this because you’re so busy, but while you’re pumping away in the bedroom your testicles increase in size by at least 50%. That’s kind of like if a basketball got bigger in the middle of the game.

The Older You Get, The Worse They Smell!

Your junk already smells bad, and unfortunately, the older you get the worse you smell. But if you maintain your hygiene and give your twig and berries plenty of room, you can cut down on the smell by quite a bit. Maybe wear a robe?

The Bigger the Balls, the Bigger the Cheater

Even though this sounds like an old wive’s tale, social scientists studying testicles have deduced that menwith large testicles are likely to be more unfaithful. So before you get in a long term relationship with someone, ask yourself, “are those balls big enough to cheat?”

Both Jimmy Carter and Hitler Only Had One Testicle

Could there be two guys who were bigger opposites? Carter’s solo testicle didn’t seem to affect him in any way, but Hitler really seemed to have some intense body issues.

Nutscaping Is a Thing (And It Isn’t Like Manscaping at All)

Because dudes loOOoOoOoOOooOoove their junk, “nutscaping,” the act of hanging brain at the top of a picture you’re taking,  became a thing in 2007, but then it came back in a big way in 2015. Don’t click that link unless you’re ready to see more testicles than you ever wanted to see in your entire life.

Testicles Are Crazy Sensitive

Of course you know this, but do you know why your special region is so delicate? There are a few reasons. The most obvious one is that your testicles are hanging out in the open, but it’s also because unlike the rest of the weird nerve balls in your body, they’re not surrounded by a mass of bones. But how cool would it be if they were?!

Prosthetic Testicles Are Expensive

Not to be reductive, but losing a body part, especially a testicle, can be a total drag. And if you want to replace one of your balls it can cost upwards of $3,000. All that cash and  23 percent of patients said they were dissatisfied with the testicle implant’s position or shape. Maybe it’s not worth it?

There’s a Wonderbra… For Your Balls

If you’re worried about the super low hang of your junk, or if you just want to give yourself a little something extra under your jeans, the lovely folks over at WildmanT make a product just for you. The “Ball Lifter” gives you the support you need “without any fancy contraptions or discomfort.” And yes, the link is NSFW-ish.

Katherine Heigl Hates Your Junk

Katherine Heigl, arch villain of the world, is not a fan of balls. As she put it in a Funny or Die sketch (the bastions of truth) she “hates balls.”

Men Produce 1,500 Sperm a Second

Even if you’re a bit of an underachiever, your testicles are hard at work creating thousands of sperm a second (which works out to some insane number per day). How? By reverting germline stem cells, duh.

Smaller Balls = Louder Sex Scream

A study at Cambridge University found that an evolutionary trade off in mammals is that their  vocal capacities and testicle size are in direct correlation. That is to say, the smaller the testicles, the louder an animal will scream. 

The Bush Cricket Has the Biggest Balls in the Animal Kingdom

Technically. The cricket, which is about as big as you would imagine, has testicles equivalent to up 14% of their body weight. Scientists believe this allows them to ” mate repeatedly.”

Testicle Pimples Are A-OK

If you’re in the shower and you notice a couple of new bumps on your testicles, don’t rush off to WebMD to give yourself a death sentence, just relax and realize that this kind of thing is totally normal. But if you have non visible lumps (lumps that can be felt but not seen), you should probably get those looked at-

The Megalosaurus Used to Be Named After a Scrotum

The greatest story you’ve ever heard. In 1763 when  Richard Brookes discovered a massive fossilized bone fragment he thought it was the bone of a biblical human giant and named it Scrotum humanum. Thank goodness in 1824 William Buckland mercifully suggested that the dinosaur be renamed to “Megalosaurus.”

If Your Testicles Hurt, You Might Have Internal Issues

If you’ve been feeling a large amount of testicular pain for a few days, you may have what scientists call “referred pain,” which is something that happens when you have damage to your internal organs. This was discovered by two scientists who performed experiments on themselves by placing weights on their bodiesand measuring the pain in their testicles. Science!
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