The Funniest Dumb Tweets Ever

Make no mistake, what you’re about to behold are tweets that are dumb enough to make even the most optimistic among you check into the possibility of applying for a passport to Mars. Because maybe humanity has a good run and it’s time to pull the plug and start over?
But if you’re up for a good laugh, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! They may not be pretty, but these tweets are sure to have you grinning, not to mention feeling awesome about your own intellectual capacity in no time.

World’s Worst Location

Ironic Proof That There are Some Not Even Jesus Can Fix

Oh Boy.

Crushing Collective Hope of Humanity

Might Wanna Give That One One More Test Run, Cupcake

….Not That Tt Wouldn’t Have Been a Helluva Cameo But…

The Resemblance Is Uncanny

That Awkward Moment When Your Turns Out to be a Boy

Not That We Disagree Necessarily…

Not Up to Date on

Sorry, B.B.

Nothing Says True Love Like Accidental Vehicular Manslaughter

Wot M8?

Who Knew Rosetta Stone Was So Political?

Please Be Kidding. Please.

Making a Great First Impression

Just Easier to Nod and Smile

One More Review Couldn’t Hurt

Oh No.

It Hurts. It Hurts So Much.

Well, You Might Have It

Physics in Public… I Doubt It

Shhhh. Just Leave Her With Her Dreams.

Rude Awakening in 3…2…1

Surely No One Is Trying


Give That Mystery a Moment to Breathe…

No Reason. Don’t Worry About It.

Fingers Crossed She Has This All Backwards

One Would Hope.

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