Funny Food-Related Snapchats

Are you the type of Snapchatter who prefers using Snapchat to cultivate hilarious and food snaps rather than racy of yourself in various states of undress? Well if so, we not only salute you but have composed this collection of funny Snapchats about food that we’d like to dedicate to all those capable of composing a delightful Snapchat about a cucumber without putting it anywhere horrifying. Here you’ll find a gallery of food Snapchats at their best, snapped by people who are witty enough to get a free pass for taking photos of items they intend to consume with their smartphones.
These funny food consist of clever culinary witticisms and puns that we dare you to peruse without cracking a grin or two. Among these food jokes you’ll find things like eye roll-worthy puns that had to be snapped because they were just too terrible for words, as well as food that was too unique to not be chronicled some guy’s iPhone.
The next time you feel like your head might explode if you see one more Instagram of an overly posed and filtered lunch, these food Snapchat posts are just what you need. Here you’ll find an example of food jokes that were actually worth the time it took to snap the photo.

This Emo Carrot Having a Moment That Will Probably Result in a Truly Terrible Poem

The Most Turnip in the World

This Mixer Whose Mixed Emotions May Take Years of Therapy to Sort Out

This Can of Fancy Feast That’s Also the Most Adorable Ever

These Penne Pastas That Suspect There’s a Spy Among Them

This Cup That Failed So Hard It Won

The Terrible Sequel to Finding Nemo That Never Made It to Theaters

This Thyme-lessly Clever Herb Pun

This Juice That’s Too Sexy for Its Bottle

The Inner Monologue Every Dog Owner Can Relate To

This Clever Dieting Trick

The Only Nudes Some People Should Ever Send on Snapchat

This Pun-Loving Conversation Between the Food Groups

Precious Cargo, Indeed

Even the Eggs Can’t Even with This One

The Non-Conformist Kid’s Guide to

The Duck Face Is at Last Revealed to Have Culinary Origins

This Fry Whose Lone Voice Refuses to Be Silenced

This Salad Dressing That’s a Lady on the Plate but a Freak in the Bedroom

Quite Possibly the Most Time Consuming Yet Clever Pun Ever Constructed

Nectarines: You’re Doing It Wrong

This High Class with a Little International Flair

This Super Stealthy New Cafe that Crept Up on Queens

This Soup Eater Who Hopefully Ordered a Laugh Track on the Side

This Orange That’s a Knock Knock Joke Waiting to Happen

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