Funny Memes About Drinking You'll Relate To On A Deep Level

Getting drunk remains a timeless form of simultaneous and entropy for humans. The addition of the bestowed new layers upon this beloved activity, and that also means can be brought in on the drinking . Memes, like drinking, are , accessible, and terrible when done in excess.
Assembled here are the most telling memes of the different stages of drunk, from innocuous day-drinking into its later stage, drunken Defcon 1. Aside from being funny, they also act as helpful reminders of how your drinking goes, because let’s face it, you’ve probably forgotten about it.

The Morning After

Till It’s Sentient


9 Lives, No F*cks

Got A Hennessy In My Plans

Super Trooper

There’s A Difference

You’re Oh So Generous

Uber Problems

“Are You Taking It?”

Distill Your Fears

Mirror, Mirror, Alcohol…

Woke Up In The Kitchen Saying…

Trick Or Tequila!


I Love Lambrusco

Conflict Of Internal Organs

Sweet, Sweet Sleep


Not A Great Look

Growing Up

Smirnoff Self-Esteem


Being A Man

Keeping Up With Your Counterparts


Hold Your Booze, Hold Your Balance

Sloshed And Sexual
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