Genderbent Fan Art That Will Make You See Your Favorite Cartoon Characters In A Whole New Way

From reimagining oldsters as youngsters to humanizing Pokémon, there is so much awesome fan on the . So, it makes sense that there is also  genderbent versions of your favorite characters! Genderbent cartoon fan art is exactly what it sounds like: cartoon characters depicted as the opposite gender. And the best part about it is the gender-swapped characters almost always offer ample opportunity for .
For instance, there’s MALEficent, Hesmeralda, or Spongeboobs Squarepants. To clarify, none of those characters are in this list, but perhaps you’re starting to see the wondrous possibilities. This list is a compilation of supremely impressive gender-swapped cartoon fan art with some really solid puns as an added perk. Giggle away as you peruse, and vote up the amazing artworks below. 


Willem Dafoe As Mr. Cruella Deville

Hey Arnelda! Meet Helgand

More Like Dany Phantom And- Well, Evil Sam Still Works


Hadshes From Hercules

Alec In Wonderland

Shenie! Ha! Oh, And Aladdher

Hercup Knows How To Train Your Dragon

Mauher And Manana

Jasman Has Never Looked Sexier

Genderbent Poké Trainers

Scooby Dudes Look Like Ladies And Vice Versa

The Little Merman

Ironically, Male Rapunzel Does Not Lend Himself To Puns

Nic And Molly Have Never Looked Happier

HERcules Indeed

Beau From Beauty And The Beast

Mulan Finally Got To Be A Boy!

Daddy Pink Diamond

Snow The Man



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