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The Greatest Baby Selfies Ever

It was only a matter of time before babies started taking selfies and uploading them to the Internet. Sure these are just funny baby pictures now, but if this trend continues it won’t be long before we have a Twitter just for babies, a Facebook just for babies, and probably even a baby dating app. And is that such a bad thing? No! Cute baby pics have a way of changing the world, and usually for the better. So go ahead and vote for your favorite baby selfie and take a moment to realize how ridiculous most of your selfies probably look.

         Shh! He Has No Idea.
         This Is SPARTA!
        Early Duck Face Training
         The Bath Life Chose Me
         Just Finished Watching Game Of Thrones
          Blue Steel
        Future Dr. Evil
         Eat Gerber or Die Tryin’
         My Parents are Crazy!
         A Serious Case of Selfie Face
         Getting Ready to Watch Frozen with Dad
         Hey Girl, Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?
         Hipster Baby Selfie
         I’m Talking with the Mom in the Mirror
         You Think I’m Scared?
         Ooh Child!
          So Much Yawn
         Drooling Homies for Life
         Check Out My Crib
         Is This Thing On?
         That Awkward Moment When Your Diaper Is Full
         What You Got?
         Foodie Face
         Mom Totally Thinks I’m Sleeping
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