The 30 Greatest Examples of Superman Being a Dick

In honor of turning another year older again this year without aging a day (dick), here are the 50 best examples of Superman being a dick. “Superman is a dick” is a concept originally conceived by the fine folks at (linked to the right). In one of the earliest great on the , they compiled over 300 examples of Superman being a misogynist, selfish, needlessly cruel dick in old from the 40s, 50s, and beyond.     Here’s the absolute best of the “Superman is a dick” concept, out of over 300 examples. And yes, these are all . A lot of them are just from a time in which they were selling Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane comics by using a premise that doesn’t actually apply to what is in the book itself. Some of these even say “this is not a cop-out” because most of them were. The contents of the inside of the comics most often had absolutely nothing to do with the covers. The covers where Superman is a dick were just ways for comic book and stores to entice readers to buy these probably horrible, yet now classic comic books.

The One Where He Makes Out with Someone on Lois's Grave

The One Where Superman Commits the Perfect Murder?

The One Where He’s Got JOKES

Another One Where Lois = His Emotional Rag Doll

The One With Nazi Hitler Superman

Another One Where Superman Denies Water

The Classic Where Jimmy Begs For Water

Another One Where He Makes Out With Someone, Horribly

Easily the Weirdest Example of Superman Being a Dick

The One With Superman’s Bastard Child

The One Where Superman Lets People Think Is A Witch

The One Where Superman Gets All End-Of-The-Worldy

The One Where He Calls It Like It Is

The One Where Cheating Is No Big Deal To Superman

The One Where Superman Plays Games with Lana Lang’s Heart

The One Where Superman Tortures A Guy For Years

The One Where Superman Is A Horrible Adoptive Father to Jimmy

The One Where Superman Pulls The Plug On Batman

The Superman with Emotional Cruelty In It

The One Where Superman Overreacts A Little Bit

The One Where Superman Doesn’t Care About Property Damage

The One Where Superman Dresses Robin and Jimmy In Outfits

The One Where He Blackmails Lois

The One Where Superman Is A Horrible Boss

The One Where Old Lois Can Suck It

The One Where Superman Feeds A Dragon Soylent Green Kind Of

Another Clark Kent Death-Faking

The One with a Super Unfair Fight

The One Where Superman Doesn’t Care About Jewel Platters

The One Where Lois Gets A Fitted Prison Outfit

The One Where Batman and Superman Let Robin Drive

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