Harsh Truths About Healthy Foods and What You Can Do About It

This list of healthy includes some harsh truths that may shock you. The everyday healthy diet is supposed to give you energy, maintain a healthy BMI, and make you happy. But rarely, if ever, talk about some of the negative effects “healthy” foods can cause. Don’t get freaked out – most of the bad stuff on this list only happens if you eat too much of it. Still, it’s worth combing through. Knowledge is power, after all (at least as much power as your next spinach-kale-banana smoothie will give you).

Spinach can cause kidney stones

Spinach is great for smoothies, salads – even pizza. It’s healthy, for sure, but spinach is also high in oxalate, a compound that can cause kidney stones. So if you are prone to calcium kidney stones, consider cutting back – think twice about your next green smoothie with spinach binge.

Tuna can cause mercury poisoining

Sushi’s great, but tuna can cause major health problems if you eat too much. Too much tuna can cause mercury poisoning, which symptoms include tingling sensations and a loss of balance.

Coffee can cause insomnia, dehydration, increased blood pressure, and more

New studies have shown coffee has many health benefits – but it’s not without its problems, either. Coffee can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and cause insomnia and dehydration. Keep it to a couple cups a day, though, and you should be fine.

Tomatoes can interfere with your immune system

Raw tomatoes have been known to keep cancer away, although eating too many can actually interfere with your immune system. Eat them, but not too many.

“Low-fat” foods can be full of sugar and chemical fillers

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Read ingredient lists of your favorite “low-fat” foods – they might just be chock-full of sugar and chemical fillers. Also know that fats actually allow your body to absorb nutrients, and give you the feeling of being full longer. Healthy fats like peanut butter and olive oil are great options. Don’t fear eating fat – enjoy it.

Bread can cause digestive issues

Whole grain breads *are* rumored to lower your risk of heart disease, but too much grain in your diet can cause serious digestive issues.

Kale can be toxic

You might be shocked if someone said you need to cut back on your extra large servings of kale, but the leafy brassica has a tendency to have a metal called thallium, and so can become toxic in the . Yes, kale does have many health benefits when eaten in moderation, but – careful – you can potentially poison yourself if you eat too much. 

Apples can prevent weight loss

Apples are high in carbohydrates, so if you’re on a low-carb diet, don’t eat more than two a day. In fact, because carbohydrates generally inhibit weight loss, consuming too many apples could keep you from losing weight. 

Garlic can cause stomach aches

Garlic can treat many different illnesses, including the common cold and flu. But eating too much garlic can actually be toxic to the body. Be careful with your garlic consumption – it can also cause stomach aches if you eat too much.

Onions can cause gas and bloating

Onions have many benefits – they prevent plaque build up in your arteries and contain anti-inflammatory agents. But they can also cause long bouts of gas and bloating and interfere with blood thinning medication. Something to consider before eating a huge, heaping bowl of onions, if that’s something you’ve ever thought about doing.

Too much tofu can damage your thyroid

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Tofu, mostly known as a meat alternative, is a goitrogen, meaning it can suppress and permanently damage the thyroid if eaten in excessive quantities.

Beans can cause gastrointestinal issues

Beans can cause cramping, pain, diarrhea and constipation if you don’t enough water with them. Mixing beans into your diet with other carbohydrates can also cause weight gain. Beans are healthy but, again, only in moderation.