Here's Proof That Idiots Live Among Us

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how some can be. You try to go through life using common sense and educating yourself as much as possible, but there’s no avoiding stupid people. Oftentimes they’re the ones with the loudest opinions, so it makes it difficult to ignore them. But sometimes, stupidity hides in plain sight – your well-meaning aunt’s crazy , your young cousin who doesn’t understand life before iPads, even world news outlets mistaking South for India (yes, that happens). Take a look at these of dumb people who were caught being straight up stupid and enjoy! After all, stupidity is only when it’s anyone but you.

Serves You Right

Partying with Grandpa!

Please Let This Be Satire, Please..

Cereal Bars Are Not as Advanced as This Guy Thinks

Thing Is, That’s the Flag of the Netherlands

Well, This Is Depressing

The Resemblance Is Uncanny!

That’s pretty ridiculous, but it has nothing on these fighting idiots.

Yes, THAT’S How He Got Those Hickies

But… You Don’t Kill a Sheep to Get Its Wool…

He Clearly Wasn’t Alive When Cassettes Were a Thing

Is This Cake Decorator Disgruntled or Just Plain Stupid?

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Shame on You, Book Judger!

Solid Math!

Maybe This Guy Should Look in the Mirror

This Wasn’t Thought Out Very Well.

Sure! Or: Perfectly Cooked vs. Overcooked

This Photo Couldn’t Wait Until You Were Going Less Than 70 MPH?

Whoever Made This Really Doesn’t Understand How Wi-Fi Works

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Well, Which Is It?

That New iPad Sure Is Huge!

This Guy FaceTiming and Driving Must Have a Death Wish