30+ Most Hilarious Chinese Mistranslations Ever

These Chinese mistranslations are for those ordering noodles, but luckily for us, their mistakes speak the universal language of laughter. We have found the Chinese typos and mistranslations which will leave you in stitches, especially when you think about how oblivious are to their mistakes.
These crazy Chinese mistranslations range from Chinese that unsuspecting idiots got without realizing what they actually said, (read: disturbing) menus, confusing road signs, and misquotes of some famous English speaking thinkers, but we must admit that the more permanent the mistranslation, the funnier it is!

This Is Ridquackulous
Stick It to the Man!
Doing Your Mum’s Shopping
Be Careful Not to Pull Out the Pin! I Think?
Screw Those Certain Prices!
Please Do Not Damage the Hill
Green Dreams
Don’t Treat Me Like a Potato
Recycling Has Never Been So Specific
At Least They’re Honest
Wait Till You See It
Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
Grab Me Now!
Let Us Help!
There Can Be Only One
Our Societies Biggest Threat
It Comes Out Every Full Moon
A Classic Snack
You Are the Best!
Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Roasted
Reverse Psychology?
Sharing Is Caring
Crape Diem
The Forest Wishes You Would Respect It’s Personal
When You Fancy a Snack and the Chance to Redeem That Mistake of Ever Having Children
2.20 Is a Bargain
Nice and Elegant
Just One of Those
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