Hilarious Cop FAILs

You know those truly horrible days at the office where nothing seems to go as planned? There’s nothing worse than having an off day at work, especially if your coworkers happen to catch your epic fails on camera and send them flying around the for the world to enjoy. No matter your occupation, it can happen to the best of us, even the boys in blue. Here you’ll find a collection of of police officers engaged in some of the most hilariously epic cop fails ever caught on .
These cops are here to show you what happens when you’ve been in the patrol car a little too long. For some, their weariness causes a severe lack of skills in the stealth department. Others are dealing with epic cop fails caused by unfortunate budget cuts to the patrol car or uniform department. Others still continue their brave battle against law-breaking wildlife, even attempting to arrest nefarious chickens for jaywalking as they crossed the road.
So the next time you’re having a rough day at the office, check out these police fails for a little reassurance. Even our best and brightest have some trouble perfectly serving and protecting all day, everyday. Whether they’re dealing with out of control partners or the realization that the scene they’ve been investigating for the past few hours is actually a set, you’ll enjoy some of the best cop fails the Internet has to offer.

Day 5: Officer Steve Begins to Suspect His Cover May Be Compromised

The Criminals Will Never Guess

Better Safe Than Sorry, Right?

Why You Should Never Trash Talk the Other Cops in the Break Room

Bonding With Your Partner Reaches New Heights

“Damn It, Cement! You’re Under Arrest for Impeding a Pursuit”

“Well Officer, if I Had to Wager a Guess…”

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

“You Have the Right to One of the Crispy Cremes in My Front Seat”

The Department’s Belt Budget Cuts Go Horribly Wrong

Damn It Vest, You Had One Job

“Yeah, ‘Cause We’ve Never Heard That One Before.”

The Hottest Officer on the Block, Er, Blocks

Partner Taking in the Foreground = Priceless

“Please Step Away From the Vehicle, Sir”

“Uh, Yeah, Dispatch, This Is Awkward…”

DPD: Pioneering the Latest Advancements in Modern Security

You Know the Criminals Are Getting Brazen When Someone Steals Your “L”

“Well, if You Say So…”

In Headlines: Some Suggest Local PD Taking Dept. Diet Challenge Too Far

Ever Watchful, Ever Vigilant

“Who Was Behind That JarJar Binks Bullshit? I Want a Name!”

Suspicion Continued to Spread Among the Ranks

“Pull Over, Sir! We Just Want to Talk…”

Officer Flintstone Wonders if You Know How Fast You Were Peddling?

“Officer Fluffy, No! I Said “Big Mac,” Not “Attack!”

Revenge of the Mall Cops 2: Order in the Court

“Hold It Right There, Sir. We’re Gonna Need to See Some I.D.”

“Stop That Man! He Has Three Warrants in Kentucky!”

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