Hilarious Memes Only People With A Super Dark Sense Of Humor Will Understand

Do you hate going outside? Does interacting with make your skin crawl? Well, if you’re a millennial or even millennial-adjacent, chances are you probably spend a large portion of your time wondering why it’s necessary to socialize or be friends with anyone other than your and the person who pays for your .

Indeed, these are dark times. And self-deprecating might be the only thing to brighten your day when you’re in a melancholy funk. So why not treat yourself, then? Enjoy some that capture the essence of .

Are The Only Pure Ones Here

You Can Only Be Your True Self At Home

When Will You Stop Expecting Compassion?

Yes, Even Barney Snaps

It’s Hard To Find A Balance

Staying At Home Is Always Preferable

Some Days You’re Just A Blob

Death’s Got To Do

Friends That Scream Together Just Scream

When Will All The People Finally Disappear?

It’s Time To Go To The Isolated Cabin No Other Human Can Access Again

What Gives?

This Is Why Most Wardrobes Are So Limited

So Cozy

Let Me In!

Everyone’s Had That Kind Of Day

Ghosts Can Be Great Motivators

An Existential Pumpkin

There’s No Such Thing As Normal

It’s Okay To Love Your , They Won’t Hurt You Too Much

Good Friends Just Want You To Frolic In A Circle


Self Care Is Still Important

You Can Be Depressed And Classy At The Same Time

You’re Not Going To Find A Better Place To Cry

Change Is A Lot Harder Than It Looks

You Knew What You Were In For When You Sat Down

You Can’t Hate Me Like I Hate Me

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