The Most Hilarious Redneck Trucks of All Time

If you didn’t have the unique experience of growing up in the South, you may or may not already be familiar with the celebrated tradition of the numerous  trucks that populate the region. You see, although certain parts of the backwoods may not exactly be known for their five-star class, the folks who populate them generally couldn’t give what some might refer to as “a f*ck less.” You see, down in land of gravel, trails, and off-road terrain trashy trucks are not only the norm, but in many places reign supreme. These are the most redneck trucks of all time.  

This Plumber Rocks The Best Decal Ever

Now Equipped With Built-In Rest Stop

Behold: The Redneck Limo

When the Fire Station Will Be There Right After The Truck Rally

Who Says Rednecks Ain’t Into Education?

When Rednecks Win the Lottery

Give You One Guess What This Guy Would Rather Be Doing…

Glamping: Winning

Why Waste Money On a New Bumper When They Grow In the Wild?

Mobile Home: Doin’ It Wrong

That Awkward Moment When You Suspect Your Neighbor May Be Pimping

This Truck That Totally Keeps Its Lights Up Year Round

The Mobile Pool Hall

The Redneck DIY Spare Tire

Off-Road: Nailin’ It

Meanwhile at Wal-Mart

The Franken-Limo

When You Just Can’t Leave Your Work at the Office

, F*ck Yea!” – This Truck

Get a Convertible, They Said. Chicks Dig Them, They Said.

This Atrocity That Insists It Meets The Qualifications For This List

Meanwhile In Arkansas…

Ladies and Gentleman, a Whole New Level of

That Horrible Moment When You Realize Mapquest Steered You Terribly Wrong

The 2 For 1 Truck-Duck Blind Combo

This Bad Boy That May or May Not Suffer From Little Tire Syndrome

“You Got a Purty Mouth, Boy….” – This Truck

The DIY Pick-Up Truck

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