The Worst Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Every year, just after (or even after if you’re super impatient), families begin to put up their trees. Some use popcorn, others use lights, but mostly everyone decorates their tree with a few homemade ornaments. While some people are able to make beautiful decorations with nothing but some string and a prayer, most of us aren’t so talented. That lack of talent is what leads us to proudly display some of the ugliest Christmas decorations ever made. From DIY messes to “festive” ornaments that look like a mummy fell apart in the sun, the last thing you’ll want to do with these ugly decorations is stick them on your tree.
Most families decorate their Christmas tree with an angel or a star on top. But imagine if your six-year-old wanted to make their own angel to place at the focal point of the tree. You’d have to let them go for it or you’d be considered a Grinch. Even though, in your heart of hearts, you know it would be one of the ugliest Christmas ornaments you’d ever seen.
For a little Christmas magic, sit back with a cup of eggnog and try not to spit take all over your computer when you see these bad Christmas decorations. Remember to upvote the biggest Christmas ornament , and tell us about your own holiday tree decoration that should have just been thrown in the trash.

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