Horrifying and Morbid Cakes You Can't Look Away From

As much as these creepy cakes might give you nightmares, they were constructed by some seriously talented bakers. Some of the scary cakes on this list are spectacular works of that should be shown to the world, but some of them should be locked up in a home for insane and spooky cakes and left to rot. Point is, if you’re in to gross cakes, this is the list for you

Teeth Rottingly Good

All Eyes, All Ears, All Fingers All the Time

He Was Such a Sweet Guy

Call of Cakethulu

Congratulations, It’s a Nightmare!

Valentines is Just Around the Corner

Release the Caken!

Tick Cakes Are the Leading Cause of Key Lime Disease

Happy Birthday Buffalo Bill!

Save Us the Rose!

The Only Cake That Shows You What You’ll Look Like After You Eat It

The Creases Are Filled With Chocolate!

Now That’s How You Ruin a Cake!

Stay Off the Moors

Hard Pass

Grey Matter Is Actually Raspberry Jam

Thanks Mom

A Pudding Head

Thar Be Treasure Under Them Spiders

The Hellbound Cake

Quote the Cake, Nevermore

Those Don’t Look Like Lady Fingers

Soup, and a Cake? That’s Insane.

Happy Ted Bundy’s Birthday!

That’s Not How You Eat a Cake

You Can Actually Taste the Memories

That’s What Happens When You Eat Too Much Candy

Something Seems Off With This Cake

Klaatu Barada No Thank You

Save a Boil For Me!

Nothing Like Some Freshly Scooped Brains

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