Huge Dogs Who Have No Idea They're Enormous

So if you too have a Great Dane, St. Bernard, or any other big breed that’s having trouble coming to terms with their impressive girth, you’re ready for this collection of big pictures that prove big is beautiful. You’ll see everything here from mastiffs who haven’t come to terms with their mass to Shepherds who are surprisingly well rounded as they prove that no big breed is not alone in their attempts to prove that growing up need not be the end of lap time.
You’ll also be able to assure your huge dog that even though they’ve gained a few pounds, they’ll always be your puppy. Scroll through the smiles on these owners’ as they cuddle with their giant canine best friends squeezing into small spaces. So without further ado, come on in and let the extra fluffy fun begin as you vote up you favorite cute photos of big dogs who don’t know they’re small!

“Shhhh! Did You Hear Something?”

A Plentiful Pooch with Enough Love for the Whole Family

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“Is Okay, Buddy, I’m Sure They’re Working on Your Sweater Next.”

World Class Bed Hog

“Yes I Understand How Benches Work. Why Do You Ask?”

“I Can Has Wolf Pack Audition for Twilight?”

“It’s Been a Really Long Day, Okay?”

Jumbo-Sized Affection

It’s Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight, It’s the Size of the Fight in the Dog

“This Is a Very Poorly Designed Chair”

No Matter How Big You Are, Vet Trips Are Always Scary

“I Want to Cuddle and Have Absolutely No Concept of Size!”

“Hey Girl, You Come Here Often?”

Outgrowing a Favorite Nap Spot Doesn’t Mean Saying Goodbye

Challenge Accepted

“Daaaaaad! Mouse!”

Interspecies Spooning

A Bulky Bulldog and a Human Pillow

You Don’t Need an Umbrella If You’ve Got This Dog’s Shadow


“Pardon Me, Ma’am, Do You Have The Time?”

This Extra Husky Husky Swears She’s Just Big Boned

Not Pictured: Giant Wagging Tail

No Consideration for Human Discomfort

Human = Chair


“I’m Not Scared, I Swear! This Is Just More Comfortable”

“Okay, Tiny Human, You May Hug Me