Iconic Pictures Of Dogs That Ate Bees

We warned them. We told our good boys and good girls that it was a terrible idea, but dogs love bees. For a pup, a buzzing little bumblebee might as well be a basket of fresh, warm bred at New York City’s trendiest restaurant when you’re starving after waiting three hours in line just to try one of their dumb, Instagram-famous milkshakes that don’t even taste good. In this instance, your dog is that dumb Instagrammed milkshake (because you’re certainly taking a picture), and the only thing that feels stupid is his swollen little mug.

These poor pups took themselves to the all you can eat beeffet – they walked right in the VIP section and chomped away, but it was a rip off.  These kinds of places are always rip offs, as any other dog that ate bees could probably have told you. The embarrassment definitely stings them, but it gives us lots to laugh at. Enjoy this bee-autiful collection of funny pictures of dogs who ate bees.

Does This Look Bad? This Isn’t That Bad, Right?


This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Bee Careful Out There!

Breaking: Pup Appears To Be In Good Spirits After Swallowing A Bee

Go To The Park, They Said. It Will Be Fun, They Said.

Who’s A Good Boy? This Bee-Swallowing Pup Is A Good Boy!

If You Think This Is Bad, You Should Have Seen The Other Guy!

A Rare ShBEEba Inu In Its Natural Habitat

This Pup Got A Bee Plus, But He Really Should Have Done A Bit Better

This Pup Only Wanted A Treat…

This Pup Made A Terrible Mistake

This Pup Thinks You Could Stop Staring Already.

This Pup Finally Understands Why You Told Him To Not Eat Bees

The Face Of Shame

This Good Boy Is Deeply Rethinking His Life Choices

Doctors Say He’s Gonna Make It

This Pup Didn’t Mean To Eat The Whole Bee, He Just Wanted A Taste

This Husky Can’t Feel His Face When He’s With You (And He Likes It). Just Kidding, It’s Terrible!

Don’t Let The Bees Get You Down

This Pup May Have Had A Bee-autiful Meal, But It Tasted Absolutely Re-PUG-nant.

This Pup Swears He Didn’t Eat The Bee. He Totally Ate The Bee.

This Pup Knows What You’re Going To Say, But…

This Pup Learned To Not Play With Bees With The Hard Way

This Pup Does Not Bee-lieve Bees Weren’t On Today’s Menu

Please Bee Kind, It Hurts

This Pup Just Couldn’t Beehave

This Pup Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

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