If You Own Any Of These Phone Accessories, Then You're The Worst

Some phone accessories make sense. Who doesn’t need a good pair of wireless headphones, or a kickstand to prop up a smartphone while you’re watching a ? But then there are the phone accessories. And they go way, way beyond your garden-variety bad phone case.
Imagine how terrible it would be to know someone who owned one of these dumb phone accessories – or worse, to own them yourself. They range from the relatively mundane and stupid (to the tune of about $2) to lavish, unnecessary and also stupid (to the tune of about $250). Who needs a hat to watch something on their phone? Isn’t a giant case just impractical? And why on would you spend money on a mini Roomba for your screen?
Sure, personal taste is subjective, but slapping on any of these accessories definitely qualifies as an annoying use of a phone. Each one of these, in their own special way, is a stupid phone accessory that should only ever be used as a gag or prank gift. make some pretty dumb products for smartphones, but these really take the cake.

This Stupid Phone Glove


This Backwards Brush Phone Case


This Massive Gun/Phone Holster


This Soon-To-Be-Outdated Fidget Spinner Phone Case


This Rude Hat


This Idiotic Phone Headband


This Unwieldy Retro Headset


This Pointless Leather Phone Thong


This Bulky Lips Phone Case


This Dangerous Cigarette Lighter Phone Case


This Silly Roomba For Your Phone Screen


This Nightmarish Ear Phone Case

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This Blocky Throwback Case


This Confusing Water Bottle


This Annoying Bullhorn


This Alarming Stun Gun Case


This Dumbfounding Thermal Imager


This Irritating Attachment