Here Are 16 Of The Most Bizarre Mailboxes You'll Probably Ever See

This is an epic collection of and funny  mailboxes that certainly have that overtly American stamp of approval. Looking for a buttock mailbox with a butt crack mail slot? Boom. Done. That’s on this list of mailboxes. How about a busty pirate mailbox with a “treasure chest?” Yup, that’s on here too. Don’t even worry about it. These are of the most inappropriate mailboxes that have ever been made in . Keep America !

Mail Toilet

Don’t Kill , Mailboxes Do

Smelly Pirate Hooker

Angry Donkey

Fart Box


Male It In

Son of a Gun

Seeing the Light

Oh Deer

Nailed It

Getting a Leg up on the Neighbors

Maid to Order

Halfway House

Now We’re Cooking!

Get Er Done

The Old Jar and Duct Tape

You’ve Got This

Think Outside the Box

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