Killers Who Took Selfies Before, During, and After Killing

As culture has exploded in the last several years, it seems inevitable that scene would work their way into news and social feeds. But could anyone have predicted murder selfies? It seems like the last thing someone guilty of murder should do, but there are plenty of killers who took selfies before, during, and after committing their crimes. The reasons given for snapping these are both clear and complete mysteries, as you will see in these 15 stories of murderers who took selfies. 

Emma Wilson

25-year-old Emma Wilson of England battered her infant son Callum so severely her neighbors felt their wall rattle. She then took a selfie of herself with her crying, clearly injured baby. Callum later passed away at the hospital, and Wilson was given a life sentence for first-degree murder.

Jamie Reynolds

Under the pretense of assisting him with a photography project, college student Jamie Reynolds lured his friend Georgia Williams to his home in England in 2015. There, he enacted a sexual fantasy he’d been harboring for several months, whereby he would hang a woman and assault the body as she died. Reynolds photographed the entire horrendous ordeal. He has been given a life sentence in prison.

Navar Terrance Beverly

Navar Beverly killed his step father, and then posted a selfie with his victim’s corpse on . Police in Maryland said Beverly choked his step father Ronald Pinkney to death on July 8, posted several photos on Twitter and then fled the scene. Not long after, police received a tip and went to check on Pinkney. They apprehended Beverly not long after.

Tyler Hadley

In July 2011, Florida teen Tyler Hadley told his friends he was having a big party at his house. He claimed his parents were out of town, though no one knew where they had supposedly gone and how long they would be away. Turns out, Hadley had dropped Ecstasy and murdered his mother and father, leaving their bodies in their bedroom while he entertained 60 friends and fellow students.
Also during the party, Hadley admitted his crime to his friend Michael Mandell, who took a selfie with Hadley because he figured it would be the last time he ever saw his friend in person. Mandell then phoned the police and told them everything.

Frederick Roy Miller

Following a custody dispute with family members, Temple Hill, Maryland resident Frederick Roy Miller kidnapped his three-year-old Leila in August 2014. He took a selfie of himself with his daughter next to him and sent it to the family members. Following snapping the photo, Miller cut Leila’s throat and shot her. He later perished in a police shootout.

Merrick McKoy

22-year-old Colorado resident Merric McKoy took a selfie of himself holding his 19-month-old daughter Mia in 2013. The photo looks innocent enough, but in fact McKoy had a restraining order against him, placed by his ex-girlfriend  Kim Phanthavongsa. After making cryptic comments on his Facebook page – one, for instance, reading “don’t judge me had no choice” – and posting the selfie, McKoy shot Mia, attempted to murder Phanthavongsa, and after failing to kill her, shot himself. Both McKoy and Mia died from their wounds. 

Bashid McLean

Suffering from severe mental illness, 23-year-old Bashid McLean of New York City stabbed his mother Tanya Bird inside their Bronx apartment in 2013. Bashid then dismembered Byrd’s body and posed for a selfie holding his mother’s head in his hands. Police discovered pieces of Byrd’s body across the burrough.

Kirsty Edmonson And Christopher Sawyers

Christopher Sawyers killed school teacher Kenneth Chapman in his home by giving him a lethal dose of heroin. It was initially reported that Sawyers and an accomplice Kirsty Edmonson lived in Chapman’s home for a time, stealing his possessions and using his credit cards. It was also alleged that they had sex in Chapman’s bed, with the corpse right beside them. Edmonson and Sawyers also allegedly both took selfies of themselves with Chapman’s body.
Sawyers was convicted and sentenced to a minimum 33 years in prison, while Edmonson was cleared of all charges. She maintained her involvement with the crime was coerced by Sawyers, who threatened to turn her into police if she didn’t comply.

Amanda Taylor

In 2015, Virginina resident Amanda Taylor stabbed her ex father-in-law 31 times, with some of the knife blows so forceful, the blade sliced all the way through Taylor’s body and came out the other side. She then took a selfie of herself posing with the bloodied knife. Taylor killed Charles because she blamed him for her husband’s suicide a year prior.

Two Teenagers Kill 39 Year-Old Woman

Two unnamed teenage , one 14 years-old, the other 15, beat Angela Wrightson to death inside her home in 2015. The woman was an alcoholic who opened her home to teens as a place to drink and smoke. For reasons that were unclear, the teens used a number of items around Wrightson’s house, including her television set, and spent hours pummeling her. The girls then took a series of selfies together standing next to Wrightson’s body.

Man Kills Girlfriend, Takes Selfie with Her Body

In September 2015, a Nanning, China man, identified only by his surname Qin, killed his girlfriend and thenposted a selfie of himself with the woman’s dead body. The caption he wrote read, “forgive me for my selfish love.”

George Thomson, Brahnn Finley, and Daniel Johnston

Just before killing 14-year-old Jordan Watson,  Carlisle, Cumbria, England teens George Thomson, Brahnn Finley, and Daniel Johnston took a group selfie to apparently commemorate the moment before their crime. The trio lured Watson into a cemetery, where they beat him to death. Apparently, they murdered Watson due to Thomson’s obsession with the boy’s sister.

Maxwell Morton

In 2015, 16-year-old Pennsylvania student Maxwell Morton shot his friend Ryan Mangan in the face, then took a selfie of himself standing next to the body and sent the photo to another friend via Snapchat. Morton’s defense attorney Patrick Thomassey argued that the shooting was an accident; however, the mother of the friend who received the photo said other messages followed the initial Snapchat, words that seemed boastful. His motive was not immediately clear.

Joanna Dennehy

Joanna Dennehy killed three men and wounded two more in 2013. She committed these crimes because apparently had a raging bloodlust – there was no other motive. Just before knifing her fourth and fifth victims, Dennehy snapped a selfie of herself, smiling and brandishing her pierced tongue.

Ashish Kumar

In the small valley of Doon in Dehradun, India, Ashish Kumar snapped a selfie with his friend Gurpreet Kaur. He then attempted to choke the woman with a cloth, but, failing at this, slit her throat in two places, killing her. Kumar then uploaded the selfie to WhatsApp and made his profile photo. His motives for the photo were not immediately clear.

Marc Amouri Bakambia

In 2015, Marc Amouri Bakambia of West St. Paul, Minnesota choked his girlfriend, Dorothy Ann Redd, then took a selfie with her corpse after Redd attempted to end their relationship. He plead guilty to all charges and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
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