Magazine Covers That Failed So Hard They Won

Being on the cover of a magazine means you’ve probably accomplished something with your life and/or are a famous Hollywood celeb. Congrats! It also means someone armed with is about to change the way see you forever. Sure, Photoshop can clean up your imperfections, but it can also give you a third arm, a missing hand or an incredibly misshaped body part. Sounds ! Well, it’s until it happens to you and the actresses and stars in these magazine cover have learned the hard way. Fortunately, you can sit back and laugh, while voting up the most hilarious of the funny magazine covers below.

How Where Becomes a Whore

Penis… The Magazine

Is That a Hedge Fund in Your Pants or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Damn Rachel, That’s Ruff

“B” Is for Butt Drugs

When Photoshop Gets Out of Hand

How to Bust a Nut

Just When You Thought Richard Simmons Couldn’t Be Any Creepier

Sorry, But That’s Not How Wrists Work

Kerry Washington’s Boob Scandal

It’s Three-Armed Miley!

The Case of the Vanishing Back Wheel

Zac Efron’s Terminator Arm

The Disappearing Elbow

Is Not Amused

Why’d You Have to Go and Make Photoshop So Complicated?

Stop Beliebing

How Eva Got Un-Hitched

and the Case of the Missing Thigh

That Time Lauren Graham Lost Her Neck

People or Poopie?

Who Needs a Left Anyway?

This Magazine Cover Is the Sh*t
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