Memes That'll Convince You to Give Up Your Diet

 Here you’ll find a assortment of diet memes full of advice that you may or may not want to follow. You’re sure to agree however, that even though the vast majority of the diet jokes you’ll find below are nothing but the sugar starved ravings of a fellow dieter’s caloric withdrawal, they’ll still leave you with a smile and the reassurance that the donut demon on your shoulder hasn’t singled you out.

So the next time you or your favorite dieter is in need of a little boost, remember these lose weight jokes. There’s all kinds of absolutely horrible advice on dieting below, all which is sure to make you grin… and that probably burns at least a couple calories, right?
Better to Take It One Meal at a Time to Avoid Burn Out

When You Realize the Diet That Seemed Too Good to Be True Totally Was

Think of All the Money You’ll Save on Tupperware!

Lesser of Two Evils = Nailing It

Four Food Groups = Winning

Better Safe Than Cocaine Addicted

Fermented Fruit Is Still Fruit, Right?

When Your Last Week’s Worth of Dinners Flash Before Your Eyes

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Well Played Grammar Ninja, Well Played

When You Realize the Horrible Truth About How Skinny People Stay Skinny

When Someone Brings Birthday Cake to the Office While You’re Dieting

Ever Notice How All Healthy Food Only Seems to Have One Taste?

When Doing This Plays Out in Your Head Like the Best Ever

Perspective = Epic Win

Because Good Sleep Patterns Don’t Come Without Sacrifice

When You Realize This Is the Only Realistic Way to Meet Your Get Fit Quick Expectations

The Downside of Clean Eating

Mind Over Matter = Win

You’re Not Paying Him for Nothing, Right?

Think of It as Weight Lifting…

Surely Your Hips Know It’s the Thought That Counts, Right?

Because There Are Just Some That Render All Men Powerless

Because What Good Is Fitness Without Your Dignity?

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

When Every Pastry You Come Across Looks Like This in Your Mind

Positive Motivation: Ur Doin’ It Wrong

Who Are You to Argue with Fate, Right?

When You Realize That Years Are Nothing but 365 Cashed-In “Tomorrows”

Because Who Are You to Offend a Generous Gift Giver Right?

When You Eat Lots of Healthy Food… That Happens to Be Hidden Among Unhealthy

When There Are Forces in the Food World That Prove Inexplicable to Mere Mortals

When You Decide to See If the Law of Attraction Works the Other Way Around Too