31 Nerdtastic Pieces of Pop Culture Art

Some of these are just or super badass, not all of them are funny. Cartoons, , … all of it’s included in this bunch, making this an awesome compilation of the kind of pop culture mash-up, crossover, or referential art that makes the round on your Facebook, , and Tumblr feeds at least once a week. 
You usually write it off as quick and easy, but if you look at all of it as a collective, Internet-fueled body of work, then you really have to give it to the vast array of Internet pop culture artists who dive in, spend time, and share these mash-ups with the general, non-magic, civilian populace.
Vote up the ones that make you happy, vote down the ones that you feel you could do in Paint, and feel free to leave absolutely any comments about artists that need attribution, because this list was compiled via collection over time in a dirty, dusty old folder, so feel free to give credit where it’s due, and we’ll write it in with a link back to them.

The Remains of the Disney Kingdom After the Villains Win

Two Swamp Dwellers

HYPER Realistic Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Awesome.

If Existed

Yoda Fighting The Balrog From Lord Of The Rings

Dark Reboot of Elmer Fudd

Samurai Darth Vader

Awesome Real/Dream-like Link/Ganon

Disney Fascism

Boba Fett Goes to Mordor

The Predator Meets Avatar

Assassin’s Creed, Ancient Japanese Style

Badass Woody from Toy Story

The Smart One

One-Armed Tinkerbell

Mario Ball Z

Dexter(‘s Laboratory)

Badass Imaginary Characters

The Cast of Avatar As the Cast

Buzz Lightyear Lookin at You, With Dem Eyes

The Realistic Cast of Spongebob Squarepants

She-Ra, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake

Drunk Robot Party

Pulp Fiction Cowboy Bebop

Mario Meets the Ninja Turtles

Stormtroopers Claiming a Hill

Angry Bird On a Wire

Sesame Street Characters As Villains

Realistic South Park Superheroes!

Realistic Mario Red Turtle Shell

Pokemon ARE the Masters

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