New Evidence May Point To The True Identity Of Jack The Ripper

The name “Jack the Ripper” immediately summons both a feeling of fear and morbid curiosity among those who hear it. And any time new Jack the Ripper evidence emerges, most folks father ’round to listen. The notoriously brutal killer who is known to have murdered at least five women in London in 1888 lurked in the shadows of alleys and doorways throughout the poverty-stricken Whitechapel district seeking out his prey. What’s worse is that his true identity was never discovered and, though over 130 years have passed, his legacy of terror lives on.
That is until a recent investigation unearthed greater evidence of his identity. The pages of a diary found hidden beneath the floorboards of an old London flat in March of 1992 may hide the key to the Jack the Ripper mystery – a fact no one believed could be true until now.
Recent analysis by Robert Smith, a “Ripperologist” of sorts, has revealed that the book was, in fact, discovered beneath the floorboard of a room that would have belonged to a Mr. James Maybrick in 1889, when the murders were being committed. What’s more? The pages contain a detailed retelling of the crimes – and a confession.

WARNING: Graphic from the Jack the Ripper scenes are included below.
New Evidence Shows That The Diary Is Authentic
Ever since its discovery, critics and conspiracy theorists alike have claimed that the diary (which seemed to suddenly appear as if out of nowhere) was just an impressive forgery. The confession inside – which, if true, would have led historians and criminologists to believe that James Maybrick, a Liverpool cotton merchant, was the highly sought after Jack the Ripper – included gruesome details of the murders and specifics surrounding the circumstances leading up to the women’s deaths that some believe could have been acquired through a headline search. Others claim they could only have been known by the killer himself.
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The Diary Contains Nearly 9,000 Words Describing The Heinous Acts Committed By The Ripper
The Diary Was Found Beneath the Floorboards Of What Was Once James Maybrick's Bedroom
When the diary first came to light in March of 1992, the man who revealed the discovery refused to provide any details about where the potentially case-breaking document had been found, which only added to speculation surrounding its validity (or lack thereof). Apparently, the diary fell into the possession of Mike Barrett, a Liverpool scrap metal dealer, in 1992, courtesy of a friend of his named Tony Devereux who had happened upon it while renovating his home. However, because Devereux died shortly thereafter, no one was ever able to hear his account of the discovery of the book, and all surrounding the matter became hearsay until Barrett decided to turn the diary over to a well-renowned Ripper expert named Robert Smith.
The Diary Is Signed, "I Give My Name That All Know Of Me, So  Do Tell, What Love Can Do To A Gentleman Born. Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper"
Author Robert Smith Thinks He Finally Has Enough Evidence To Put The Conspiracies Surrounding The Ripper's True Identity To Rest
After painstakingly researching the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the diary, Robert Smith, the author of 25 Years of The Diary of Jack the Ripper: The True Facts, determined that the true origin of the diary can be traced back to the Liverpool home that was once owned by James Maybrick. Smith claims that he has no doubts surrounding the book’s authenticity, and he said of Barrett (the man who gave him the diary) that “he was not very literate and the idea that he would have been capable of producing such a sophisticated and credible forgery is not remotely plausible. Moreover, he has “never been in any doubt that the diary is a genuine document written in 1888 and 1889.”
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The Ripper Is Believed To Have Killed At Least Five Women, Though The Diary Recounts Six Murders
Many Thought The Ripper To Be A Butcher Based On The Precision With Which He Murdered His Victims
Despite Having Many Suspects, Jack The Ripper's True Identity Has Never Been Determined
In Reality, Theories About Jack The Ripper's True Identity Are A Pretty Frequent Occurrence
Theories about Jack the Ripper’s identity abound, and it seems that every few years a new possibility emerges with evidence and a so-called expert to back it up. To read more about other potential Rippers – and to vote on who you think the most likely candidate might be – continue here.