New Year's Eve: Expectation Vs. Reality

If you’ve ever experienced anything like this, you’re definitely not alone. We’ve gathered together some of the most common experiences have had where New Year’s Eve turns out to be a total letdown. New Year’s Eve is just one of those holidays where the expectations almost never measure up to the reality. After all, there is so much pressure and such high stakes placed upon a single night! Your New Year’s Eve is supposed to set the tone for the rest of the year, and oftentimes, it feels like your year is going to suck when your New Year’s ends up failing.

That That’s Sure to Make You the Classiest Gal at the New Year’s Party

New Year’s Resolution: Take Up Running

THIS Is the Year You’ll Finally Quit Smoking

How Suave You’ll Look When You Pop the Cork at Midnight

New Year’s Resolution: More Water

New Year’s Resolution: Finally Find a Career That’ll Give You Financial Freedom

New Year’s Resolution: Adopt a Who Will Keep You Active

Deciding to Stick to Champagne at the New Year’s Party

New Year’s Resolution: Get in Shape

The Dramatic Moment When the Ball Drops on New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Resolution: Stop Jerks and Finally Find a Mature Man

New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized

Your Fantasy of Taking Home a Hot New Year’s Eve Hook-Up

New Year’s Resolution: Save Money by Going Out Less

Rolling Out with Your Girls to the Hottest New Year’s Eve Bash in Town!

New Year’s Resolution: Sign Up to Volunteer

New Year’s Resolution: More

All the Hot Guys That Are Sure to Be at the Swanky New Year’s Party

All the Lifelong Memories You’ll Make with Your Friends on New Year’s

New Year’s Resolution: Learn a Foreign Language

That Passionate Kiss You’ll Share with a Stranger at Midnight

New Year’s Resolution: Establish Better Sleep Habits

Scrolling Through All You and Your Friends’ New Year’s Eve Selfies

New Year’s Resolution: Spend Less Time on and More Time with Your Friends

Your Decision to Stay Up and Party ‘Til the Sun Comes Up After the New Year’s Party

New Year’s Resolution: Spend More Quality Time with the

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